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March 31 Welcome undergraduate researchers Sarah and Kaitlyn and visiting scholar Thomas (from Caen).
March 25 Our study on Ru-macho catalyzed amide synthesis, in honor of Sarah Reisman's Tetrahedron Prize, is in press; congrats Nate and Zhibin.
Feb 24 Our discovery of a Co-catalyzed hydroacylation of dienes is in press at JACS; congrats to Qing-An and Dan.
Feb 1 Welcome to Dr. Jung-Woo Park, from Yonsei University.
Jan 31 Our study on the copper-catalyzed transformation of sugars will be published in Chem-A European Journal; congrats I-Hon, Kevin, Diane, and Colin.
Jan 23 Boni defends his thesis; congrats to Dr. Kim who will start postdoctoral work with Professor Miller at Yale University.
Jan 15 Our Rh-catalyzed cross-coupling between aldehydes and vinylphenols is in press at Angewandte ; congrats Stephen and Achim.
Jan 3 Welcome first year graduate students, Alfred Chon (Brandeis U), Faben Cruz (UT Austin), and David George (U Rochester).
Dec 19 In collaboration with Prof Houk, we publish a dynamic kinetic resolution of sulfoxides in JACS; congrats Peter and Kevin.
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