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Jan 21 - Our hydroacylation of alkynes by tandem Ru-catalysis is published in JACS; congrats Qing-An and Faben.
Jan 5 - We officially welcome graduate students Jan Riedel (Dortmund), Zhiwei Chen (Queens), and Craig Burt (Williams).
Jan 2 - Our transfer hydroformylation is published in Science; congrats Stephen, Jungwoo, and Faben.
Nov 13 - Our Ni-catalyzed oxidative coupling has been accepted to ACIE; congrats Aaron.
Nov 10 - Kevin defends his PhD thesis. Congrats to Dr. Kou, who will start postdoctoral studies with Richmond Sarpong at UC Berkeley.
Nov 1 - Welcome visiting student, Hannah Hayes from Ireland.
Sept 15 - Welcome visiting student, Devi Ramanoudjame from France.
Sept 11 - Our review on catalysis with carbon dioxide appears in Topics in Catalysis. Congrats, Charles.
Sept 1 - We celebrate the group anniversary and wish farewell to Dr. Bennett. Nathan will start as a process chemist at AbbVie. See celebration.
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