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Sept 1 - Our study on using counter-ions to enable a diastereodivergent hydroacylation is in press at JACS ; congrats Xuesong, Zhiwei, and Yubin.
March 29 - Our C-C bond forming reaction between beta-keto acids and alkynes is published in Chem Comm; congrats Faben, Zhiwei, and Sarah.
March 3 - Our asymmetric cycloisomerization to generate cyclohexenes is in press at JACS; congrats Jung-Woo and Zhiwei.
Oct 26 - Congrats to Dr. Peter Dornan on accepting a position in the process group at Amgen.
June 29 - Our asymmetric coupling of alkynes and amines appears in JACS; Congrats Qing-An and Zhiwei.
June 12 - Our desymmetrization to make quaternary centers is published in Chemical Science; congrats Jungwoo, Kevin, and Dan.
May 11- Congrats to Charles Yeung who has started a position in med chem at Merck.
April 13 - Congrats to Hasan Khan who has accepted a position in med chem at AbbVie.
April 1 - Congrats to Dr. Aaron Whittaker on his new position in process chemistry at Merck.

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