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Research Group: Current Group Members

Graduate Students
Staff Scientists
Undergraduate Students
Principal Investigator
PNNL Collaborators


Graduate Students

Paige Aiona

Paige Aiona graduated from Chapman University in 2012, where she did research on water chemistry. She is studying the photochemistry and molecular level composition of light-absorbing aerosols know as "brown carbon". She uses UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy to measure the optical properties, and high resolution mass spectrometry to investigate the molecular level composition. View Paige's curriculum vitae.

Lauren Fleming

Lauren Fleming graduated from the College of Wooster in 2014. Her honors thesis focused on aqueous photochemistry. In our group, she is investigating photochemistry of biomass burning aerosols in controlled environments and in the field, using mass spectrometry and UV-Vis absorption techniques. She also is a part of the Rowland- Blake group where she analyzes the gaseous products of biomass burning. View Lauren's curriculum vitae.

Mallory Hinks

Mallory Hinks received her bachelor and MS degree in chemistry from San Diego State University in 2011, where she researched surface chemistry in the laboratory of David Pullman. Mallory is investigating the effect of temperature and relative humidity on the photochemical kinetics of organic molecules embedded in secondary organic material (SOM). By altering both the temperature and relative humidity, she is able to study the effect of SOM viscosity on these processes. View Mallory's curriculum vitae and watch a short video where she talks about her research.

Julia Montoya

Julia Montoya joined the UCI chemistry graduate program in the summer of 2015 after graduating from Cal State LA, where she did research on production of singlet oxygen from PAH compounds. She joined our group in February 2016. She is investigating the effect of ammonia on the composition and properties of secondary organic aerosols using DART mass spectrometry and other methods.

Kurtis Malecha

Kurtis Malecha studied chemistry at the Minnesota State University, Mankato. He joined the group at the beginning of 2014. He investigates mechanisms of production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during condensed-phase photolysis of secondary organic aerosols (SOA). Current air quality models underpredict many of these VOC levels in the atmosphere, so understanding their formation is crucial to better air quality models. Personal website.

Dian Romonosky

Dian Romonosky graduated from the chemistry department at Millikin University in 2011. She joined the group in early 2012 to do research on the formation, optical properties, and aqueous photochemistry of SOA generated from various biogenic and anthropogenic precursors under different conditions, using primarily HR-MS techniques.   She is interested in how the molecular composition of SOA differs between samples as well as how it changes with irradiation, with a particular emphasis on nitrogen-containing compounds. View Dian's curriculum vitae.


Staff Scientists

Amanda MacMillan Amanda MacMillan joined the group in 2009 to carry out her Ph.D. research on hygroscopic properties of nanoparticles and on organic aerosol chemistry. Following her Ph.D. graduation in 2015, Dr. MacMillan assumed a staff scientist position in the Nizkorodov Group at UCI.

Undergraduate Students

Nujhat Ali

Nujhat Ali is doing research on production of brown carbon compounds in reactions between transition metals and organic aerosols.

Tim Cai

Tim Cai is doing experiments on the rate of mass loss from organic aerosols during photolysis.

< Yujane Chen

Yujane Chen is experimenting with viscous aerosol particles between her high-school graduation and going to UC Berkeley later this summer.

Lucas Ellison

Lucas Ellison is a 2016 summer exchange student from McGill University.

Aditya Iyengar Aditya Iyengar joined the lab in the spring of 2016 to study photochemistry in viscous aerosols.

Emily Yen Emily Yen is a 2016 summer research intern from Troy High School.



Sergey Nizkorodov Sergey Nizkorodov received his education in physical chemistry from the Novosibirsk State University, followed by PhD in Basel University, and two postdoctoral appointments at JILA and Caltech before starting the Aerosol Photochemistry Group at UCI. More details can be found in his short CV, and full CV.

DOE Collaborators

Alexander Laskin Dr. Alexander Laskin is a senior researcher at the WR Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a world-class research user facility operated by the Department of Energy. We have collaborated with Dr. Alexander Laskin on applications of high resolution mass spectrometry and other advanced methods to studies of chemistry of biogenic and anthropogenic organic aerosols since 2007. Curriculum Vitae.
Julia Laskin Dr. Julia Laskin is a laboratory fellow in the Chemical and Material Sciences Division of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Dr. Julia Laskin uses her expertise in mass spectrometry to develop novel methods for characterization of aerosol samples and biological tissues. Our group members collaborate with Dr. Julia Laskin on studies of chemical aging processes in organic aerosols. Curriculum Vitae.

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