Reported in Nature Materials, we demonstrate the use of atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) to quantitatively derive the energy landscape of modular rupture and refolding of our titin-mimicking polymer. This is the first example of a direct correlation between nano-mechanical properties and bulk mechanical performance using the energy landscape derived from SMFS. The report demonstrates the potential for SMFS to serve as a guide for rational design of advanced multifunctional materials.


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5/6/15 Congrats to Olivia and Jae for the JACS Comm reporting the tune of boronic esters for dynamic/self-healing polymers!

5/6/15 Our collaboration with Prof. Bert Meijer and Prof. Nobu Hosono on single molecule force studies of single folded polymer is accepted by JACS. Congratulations to Aaron and Jae!

4/29/15 Our self-healing mechanochromic superlattice work is accepted by Advanced Materials. Congrats to Greg, Olivia, Jae, and our collaborator Prof. Takahara in Kyushu Univ.

3/19/15 Welcome to our visiting scholar Yoshio Nishimura!

2/26/15 Davoud defended his thesis on Feb 26th with a beautiful talk. Congratulations!

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