In a recent paper in Nature Chemistry, we report a general multiphase design of stiff polymers that can repair themselves without any external help from light, heat, healing agents, or solvents. The multiphase design is key to combine advanced mechanical properties of nanocomposites with autonomous self-healing capability of supramolecular assembly. The work is also highlighted recently in C&EN News.


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7/01/14 Congratulation to Jae for winning a poster award at the Bioinspired Materials Gordon Research Conference last week!

6/10/14 LeeAnne won a SURP fellowship and an Allergan Undergraduate Research Fellowship! Great job!

5/21/14 Hanxiang defended his thesis with a fantastic talk. Congratulations!

5/16/14 Nate has passed his advancement exam. Fantastic job!

4/16/14 Congratulations to Tobi for his Ru olefin polymerization paper being published!

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