Due to the Covid-19 shutdown the X-ray Fellowship appointment for 2021 will commence on January 1, 2021.  Training will commence as soon as a candidate is selected.

The purpose of the X-ray Crystallography Facility Fellowship is to facilitate the collection and analysis of single-crystal X-ray diffraction data while providing an excellent training opportunity for graduate students to gain advanced levels of experience in solving small-molecule crystal structures.  

Appointment to the Fellowship will be for the period commencing January 2021 and continuing through September 2021. In special circumstances the appointment could be renewable and extended beyond September 2021.

Selection of the X-ray Fellow will be made by a committee headed by the Faculty Coordinator and the Facility Director and comprised of other faculty who use the facility on a regular basis. 

Applications for the Fellowship must be submitted by September 15th and a decision will be made no later than October 15th. The student’s research advisor must nominate them for the position and write a letter of reference in support of their nomination.   Application submissions are online via the EEE+Scout website.  Notifications will be sent by the Chemistry Student Affairs Office.

Applications should include a current CV, a short one-page research synopsis, and a short summary of the applicant’s current experience with the collection and analysis of single-crystal X-ray diffraction data.  Students who have passed their advancement to candidacy exam and whose PhD research includes a strong single-crystal structural component will be given highest priority for the Fellowship. Students that intend to write and defend their thesis during the tenure of the appointment will be given a lower priority.

  • Strong candidates for the Fellowship will already have experience with the collection of diffraction data and the determination of routine structure solutions. They will have completed the required EH&S online safety training and be added to the X-ray facility RUA.
  • Upon selection as the next X-ray Fellow, the student will be expected to spend up to 10 hours per week in the X-ray lab during the academic session immediately preceding the start of their appointment. This training period is meant to further develop the student’s experience on the acquisition and analysis of single crystal X-ray diffraction data and to better familiarize them with the day-to-day operation of the X-ray lab. During this training period, the student will not be supported as a Fellow (i.e., the PI must support the student).
  • Once appointed as the X-ray Fellow, the Fellow will be expected to dedicate time daily (Monday through Friday) in the X-ray lab and be available on  Saturdays.  The Saturday time slot will be reserved for initiating data collection runs over the weekend to further improve facility throughput and to maintain the low temperature systems.
  • The Fellow will be granted 2 weeks of vacation time away from the lab. This vacation time may not be taken during times in which Dr. Ziller is absent from the lab.  When Dr. Ziller is away from campus, it is the Fellow’s responsibility to keep the instruments running so that diffraction data can be acquired.
  • At certain times during the year the facility will be closed. When the facility is closed the Fellow is released from his/her duties.
  • Specific duties of the X-ray Fellow will include screening and mounting crystals provided by the users, initiating data collection, solving structures, completing data packets, training new users, ordering liquid nitrogen and maintaining the low temperature systems, and checking on the equipment after power outages and other interruptions.

Applications for the X-ray Fellowship must be submitted by September 15.