Grad David Woen (Evans group) wins DOE SCGSR award to conduct research at Los Alamos.
Bill Evans
Bill Evans declared rare-earther by C & EN news.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (frequently asked questions) about UCI's chemistry program

  • How large is the program?
  • We have about 40 faculty members, 240 graduate students, 50 postdoctoral fellows, and provide internationally-recognized programs in a friendly, informal setting; our annual research funding exceeds $10 million dollars.
  • Must I pay to play?
  • All UCI students in good standing are fully supported throughout their Ph. D. studies. Think of it this way: a graduate degree in chemistry is one of the few times in life that you'll be paid to improve yourself!
  • What must I do to earn support?
  • For the first 4 quarters, graduate students are typically supported as teaching assistants in labs and lectures. During that time, they join research groups and are usually supported as research assistants thereafter until graduation.
  • How long will I be in grad school?
  • The usual time to get a degree is five years.
  • Where will I live?
  • UCI guarantees housing for graduate students who sign up by the housing deadline. Graduate student housing is a short walk to campus and shops and restaurants, so a car is not needed to survive. Many students get around on bicycles.
  • When will it rain?
  • Almost never, but we can get some in January and February, which is always enjoyable.