Sierra Williams
Sierra Williams (Prescher group) selected as a Decade Plus grad leadership coach.
Sean and Zi
Grads Sean Nguyen and Zi Yao (Prescher group) awarded BIOL Division Travel Award.

Nano filter from Penner group accelerates hydrogen gas sensing

Wed, Sep 27

Reg Penner and visiting Prof Il-Doo Kim (KAIST) are featured in the new issue of ACS Nano. The oxygen, O2, in air interferes with the detection of H2 by palladium (Pd)-based H2 sensors, including Pd nanowires (NWs), depressing the sensitivity and retarding the response/recovery speed in air—relative to N2 or Ar. Here, we describe the preparation of H2 sensors in which a nanofiltration layer consisting of a Zn metal–organic framework (MOF) is assembled onto Pd NWs. Polyhedron particles of Zn-based zeolite imidazole framework (ZIF-8) were synthesized on lithographically patterned Pd NWs, leading to the creation of ZIF-8/Pd NW bilayered H2 sensors. 

Read their article here