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Nano filter from Penner group accelerates hydrogen gas sensing

Wed, Sep 27

Reg Penner and visiting Prof Il-Doo Kim (KAIST) are featured in the new issue of ACS Nano. The oxygen, O2, in air interferes with the detection of H2 by palladium (Pd)-based H2 sensors, including Pd nanowires (NWs), depressing the sensitivity and retarding the response/recovery speed in air—relative to N2 or Ar. Here, we describe the preparation of H2 sensors in which a nanofiltration layer consisting of a Zn metal–organic framework (MOF) is assembled onto Pd NWs. Polyhedron particles of Zn-based zeolite imidazole framework (ZIF-8) were synthesized on lithographically patterned Pd NWs, leading to the creation of ZIF-8/Pd NW bilayered H2 sensors. 

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