Richard Chamberlin (Bioorganic): Protein engineering; Synthesis of new biological probes


Nancy Doherty (Organometallic): transition-metal chemistry and polymers

William Evans (Inorganic): chemistry of lanthanides, actinides and transition metals

Frank Feher (Metallorganic): inorganic/organic polymers; catalysis; surface science

Patrick Farmer (Bioinorganic): electron and atom transfer; metalloenzymes

Fillmore Freeman (Organic): heterocyclic chemistry; C-nucleosides synthesis

Zhibin Guan (Organic):bio materials;organic materials

Bo Hong (Organometallic): electron and energy transfer; supramolecular assemblie

Harold W. Moore (Organic): design, synthesis, and mechanism of antitumor compounds

James S. Nowick (Bioorganic): peptide structure; peptidomimetics; molecular recognition.

Larry Overman (Organic): new methodology; natural product synthesis; organometallics

Scott Rychnovsky (Organic): new methodology; natural products synthesis

Kenneth Shea (Organic): synthetic organic; polymers; material

David Van Vranken (Bioorganic): organic syntheis; protein chemistry

Gregory Weiss (Chemical Biology): protein engineering;protein chemistry

Keith Woerpel (Organic): new methodology; organometallics; organosilicon chemistry