Application Deadline: 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

UC graduate students in any area of research relevant to the national laboratories who meet the following criteria
(detailed in the RFP) may apply for a fellowship to conduct dissertation research and receive research mentorship on-site
at LANL or LLNL:
• Enrolled in one of the ten UC campuses and advanced to candidacy at commencement of the award
• Have an identified LLNL or LANL scientist to serve as a mentor and research supervisor at the laboratory
• Have the proposed research and training approved by their UC faculty advisor
• Must commit to devoting 80% time to the research in the proposed plan and spend a minimum of 6 months/
fellowship year in residence at the laboratory
Proposal requirements, including eligibility, deadlines, instructions, and other information for the UC-National Laboratory
In-Residence Graduate Fellowships are provided in the Request for Proposal on the following pages. Appendices, including
program policies, LOI instructions, and FAQs, are attached here.

If you wish to apply for this fellowship please discuss with your advisor and contact Lori Greene ( for assistance.