Application Deadline: 

Monday, November 30, 2020

Ereztech BridgeForward™ Award, a financial award recognizing gifted graduate students and recent post-doctoral graduates pursuing careers in organometallic chemistry and materials science. Students are invited to participate for the chance to earn one of five $1,500 scholarship awards. 


To apply for the award, we’re asking applicants to explore their mentorship lineage, capture its history, and evaluate their current scientific challenges through the eyes of their academic forefathers. Winner selection will be based upon effective communication and scholarship displayed in the essay, with an emphasis on each applicant’s historical perspective and analysis of the survival and evolution of problem solving memes in their educational lineage. This project will not only be helpful to the scientific community, but also interesting and exciting for both participants and their scientific mentors.


To view sample essays of previous winners and FAQs click HERE