Application Deadline: 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Genentech, a leader in bio-pharmaceutical sciences, is seeking a highly-motivated and talented researcher with a proven track record of laboratory achievements to join our growing Department of Small Molecule Process Chemistry. Responsibilities of the position include:

●    Discover and develop process chemistry by conducting experiments to scout synthetic routes and to optimize reactions for yield, selectivity, and product purity.
●    Demonstrate synthetic processes at the laboratory and kilogram scale for timely delivery of early and mid-phase small molecule development candidates in accordance with cGMP, ICH and FDA/EMA regulations.
●    Develop crystallization processes to isolate synthetic intermediates and to control the bulk quality attributes of the API conducive to successful development and formulation requirements.
●    Make detail-oriented observations; interpret and document results via batch records and milestone development reports.
●    Interact with cross functional team members and contract manufacturing partners.
●    Keep current with developments in the field through peer-reviewed journals and other media, and maintain a scientific profile both internally and externally.

Minimum Requirements

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements. The level of the position will depend on the qualifications of the selected candidate:

●    BS with 2+ years of relevant experience or MS in chemistry. Candidates with a MS in organic chemistry are highly preferred. Applicants are required to provide a research summary along with their CV.
●    To be considered for the more senior level, the candidate must have a record of innovation and success in multiple projects over the course of their industrial career.
●    A publication record is desirable, but candidates without peer-reviewed publications may be considered for the Senior Scientific Researcher level. Candidates with a proven record of scientific publication may be considered for the Principal Scientific Researcher level.
●    Strong working knowledge of the latest developments in contemporary process chemistry including but not limited to chemo- and/or bio-catalysis, enantioselective transformations, and organometallic chemistry; experience in heterocyclic chemistry is also desired.
●    Demonstrated experience at the kilogram delivery scale and early- to mid-phase route optimization is
    preferred, but candidates of exceptional promise without this experience will also be considered.
●    The ability to take initiative, solve problems independently, work in teams and communicate clearly (in both oral and written form) are essential skills for this position.

Relocation benefits are available for this position.

Interested applicants should prepare a CV/resume and research summary. Click here to apply.