Position: Faculty
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Eric Potma Professor 2139 Natural Sciences II 949-824-9942 epotma@uci.edu Faculty
Joe Patterson Assistant Professor 577 Rowland Hall 949-529-6854 patters3@uci.edu Faculty
Shane Ardo Professor 2131 Natural Sciences II 949-824-3796 ardo@uci.edu Faculty
Manabu Shiraiwa Professor 373 Rowland Hall 949-824-2738 m.shiraiwa@uci.edu Faculty
Kim Edwards Professor of Teaching 580B Rowland Hall 949-824-8124 kdmullen@uci.edu Faculty
Alan Heyduk Chair and Professor 4116 Natural Sciences I 949-824-8806 aheyduk@uci.edu Faculty
Amanda Holton Professor of Teaching 580C Rowland Hall abrindle@uci.edu Faculty
Elizabeth Bess Assistant Professor 3038A Frederick Reines Hall elizabeth.bess@uci.edu Faculty
Elizabeth Jarvo Professor 4114 Natural Sciences I erjarvo@uci.edu Faculty
Matthew Law Professor 2127 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5996 matt.law@uci.edu Faculty
Renee Link Professor of Teaching 574 Rowland Hall 949-824-6409 rlink@uci.edu Faculty
Susan King Professor of Teaching 2133 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5452 s3king@uci.edu Faculty
Stephen Mang Associate Professor of Teaching, Department Vice Chair 579 Rowland Hall 949-824-0126 smang@uci.edu Faculty
Sergey Nizkorodov Co-Director AirUCI, Professor 377 Rowland Hall 949-824-1262 nizkorod@uci.edu Faculty
James Nowick Distinguished Professor 4126 Natural Sciences I 949-824-6091 jsnowick@uci.edu Faculty
Vy Dong Chancellor's Professor 4206 Natural Sciences I 949-395-0186 dongv@uci.edu Faculty
Jennifer Prescher Professor 4142 Natural Sciences I 949-824-1706 jpresche@uci.edu Faculty
Scott Rychnovsky Distinguished Professor 3038B Frederick Reines Hall srychnov@uci.edu Faculty
James Smith Professor 317C Rowland Hall 949-824-9518 jimsmith@uci.edu Faculty
Ann Marie Carlton Professor 380B Rowland Hall 949-824-5651 agcarlto@uci.edu Faculty
Don Blake Distinguished Professor 570 Rowland Hall 949-824-4195 drblake@uci.edu Faculty
Mike Green Professor 570A Steinhaus Hall m.green@uci.edu Faculty
Kieron Burke Distinguished Professor 2145 Natural Sciences II kieron@uci.edu Faculty
Shaul Mukamel Distinguished Professor 434A Rowland Hall 949-824-7600 smukamel@uci.edu Faculty
Barbara Finlayson-Pitts Distinguished Professor and Codirector of AirUCI 328 Rowland Hall 949-824-7670 bjfinlay@uci.edu Faculty
Christopher Vanderwal Professor 4042B Reines Hall cdv@uci.edu Faculty
Rachel Martin Professor 4136 Natural Sciences I rachel.martin@uci.edu Faculty
Andy Borovik Distinguished Professor 4076 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering 949-824-1510 aborovik@uci.edu Faculty
Reginald Penner Associate Dean, Distinguished Professor 2137 Natural Sciences II, 1139 Natural Sciences II rmpenner@uci.edu Faculty
Gregory Weiss Professor 4122 Natural Science One 949-824-5566 gweiss@uci.edu Faculty
Filipp Furche Professor 2135 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5051 filipp.furche@uci.edu Faculty
Craig Murray Associate Professor 317B Rowland Hall 949-824-4218 craig.murray@uci.edu Faculty
Matt Sheldon Associate Professor 2123 Natural Sciences II m.sheldon@uci.edu Faculty
Suzanne Blum Professor 2046A Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-8178 blums@uci.edu Faculty
Ramesh Arasasingham Professor of Teaching 2129 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5632 rdarasas@uci.edu Faculty
Matthew Griffin Assistant Professor 2131 Natural Sciences II 949-824-7640 griffin@uci.edu Faculty
Craig Martens Professor 2105 Natural Sciences II 949-824-8768 craig.martens@uci.edu Faculty
David Van Vranken Associate Dean, Professor 2046D Frederick Reines Hall, 134 Rowland Hall 949-824-5455 david.vv@uci.edu Faculty
Zhibin Guan Professor 5042D Frederick Reines Hall,1123 Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5172 / 949-824-9173 zguan@uci.edu Faculty
Douglas Tobias Distinguished Professor 4118 Natural Science One dtobias@uci.edu Faculty
Maxx Arguilla Assistant Professor 4124 Natural Sciences I marguill@uci.edu Faculty
Seunghyun Sim Assistant Professor 4084 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering s.sim@uci.edu Faculty
Vladimir Mandelshtam Professor 2103 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5509 mandelsh@uci.edu Faculty
Nien-hui Ge Professor 2143 Natural Sciences II 949-824-1263 nhge@uci.edu Faculty
Sergey Pronin Associate Professor 5042A Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-4193 spronin@uci.edu Faculty
Sarah Finkeldei Assistant Professor 332 Rowland Hall (949) 824-5872 sfinkeld@uci.edu Faculty
Athan Shaka Professor 231A Rowland Hall 949-824-8509 ajshaka@uci.edu Faculty
Ioan Andricioaei Professor 4212 Natural Sciences I 949-824-3569 andricio@uci.edu Faculty
Jenny Yang Chancellor's Fellow 4080 ISEB j.yang@uci.edu Faculty
Position: Joint Appointments
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Stacy Copp Assistant Professor 5072 Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Building copps@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Celia Faiola Assistant Professor 463 Steinhaus Hall (949) 824-2061 cfaiola@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Vojislav Stamenkovic Professor 4048 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (949) 824-3426 vrstamen@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Xiaoyu Shi Assistant Professor (949) 824-7638 xiaoyu.shi@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Herdeline Ardoña Assistant Professor 816C Engineering Tower (949) 824-2800 hardona@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Brian Paegel Professor 101 Theory (Suite 100) 949-824-9368 bpaegel@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Krzysztof Palczewski Donald Bren Professor, Distinguished Professor Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility 829 Health Sciences Rd. Room# 2105 949-824-6527 kpalczew@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Jin Yu Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy 220B Rowland Hall (949) 824-2995 jin.yu@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Chang Liu Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering 4064 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering 949-824-8534 ccl@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Thomas Poulos Distinguished Professor 2206 Natural Sciences I, 2403 Natural Sciences I 949-824-7020 / 949-824-4322 / 949-824-2856 poulos@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Eric Saltzman Distinguished Professor 3325 Croul Hall 949-824-3936 Eric.Saltzman@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Shiou-Chuan Tsai Professor 2218 Natural Sciences 1,2302 Natural Sciences 1 949-824-4486 / 949-824-8829 sctsai@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Zuzanna Siwy Professor 210G Rowland Hall 949-824-8290 zsiwy@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Wilson Ho Donald Bren Professor 310B Rowland Hall 949-824-5234 wilsonho@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Andrej Luptak Professor 2141 Natural Sciences II, 2331 Natural Sciences II 949-824-9132 aluptak@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Markus Ribbe Professor 2236 McGaugh Hall, 2448 McGaugh Hall 949-824-9509 mribbe@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Stephen Hanessian Director, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Gateway Program 2216 Natural Sciences I 949-824-5449 shanessi@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Allon Hochbaum Associate Professor ISEB 4056 949-824-1194 hochbaum@uci.edu Joint Appointments
John Chaput Professor 3342 McGaugh Hall 949-824-8149 jchaput@uci.edu Joint Appointments
David Mobley Professor 3134B Natural Sciences I, 3110 Natural Sciences I 949-824-6383 dmobley@uci.edu Joint Appointments
Position: Emeritus Faculty
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Rob Corn Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2139 Natural Sciences II 949-824-1746 rcorn@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Kenneth Shea Distinguished Professor Emeritus 5042B Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5844 kjshea@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Richard Chamberlin Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry 147 Biological Sciences Administration / 4206 Natural Sciences I 949-824-7089 richard.chamberlin@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
John Hemminger Distinguished Professor Emeritus 334B Rowland Hall 949-824-6020 jchemmin@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Robert Doedens Professor Emeritus 574 Rowland Hall 949-824-6605 rdoedens@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Bill Evans Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2046B Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5174 wevans@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
David Brant Professor Emeritus 434-972-2460 / 703-401-1495 dbrant@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Vartkess Apkarian Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2125 Natural Sciences II 949-824-6851 aapkaria@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
R. Gerber Distinguished Professor Emeritus 334A Rowland Hall 949-824-6758 bgerber@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Everly Fleischer Professor Emeritus 4042C Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-3820 efleisch@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Fillmore Freeman Professor Emeritus 1113 Natural Sciences II 949-824-6501 ffreeman@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
George Miller Professor of Teaching Emeritus 326 Rowland Hall 949-824-6649 / 949-824-6082 gemiller@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Larry Overman Distinguished Professor Emeritus 4042A Fredrick Reines Hall leoverma@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Ken Janda Professor Emeritus kcjanda@uci.edu Emeritus Faculty
Position: Adjunct Faculty
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Dmitry Fishman Director, Laser Spectroscopy Labs; Adjunct Professor 324 Rowland Hall 949-824-8016 dmitryf@uci.edu Adjunct Faculty