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Position: Faculty
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
James Smith Professor 317C Rowland Hall 949-824-9518 Faculty
Manabu Shiraiwa Associate Professor 373 Rowland Hall 949-824-2738 Faculty
Kim Edwards Professor of Teaching 580B Rowland Hall 949-824-8124 Faculty
Alan Heyduk Professor 4116 Natural Sciences I 949-824-8806 Faculty
Amanda Holton Associate Professor of Teaching 580C Rowland Hall Faculty
Scott Rychnovsky Distinguished Professor 3038B Frederick Reines Hall Faculty
Elizabeth Jarvo Professor 4114 Natural Sciences I Faculty
Matthew Law Professor 2127 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5996 Faculty
Renee Link Professor of Teaching 574 Rowland Hall 949-824-6409 Faculty
Susan King Professor of Teaching 2133 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5452 Faculty
Stephen Mang Assistant Professor of Teaching 579 Rowland Hall 949-824-0126 Faculty
Sergey Nizkorodov Co-Director AirUCI, Professor 377 Rowland Hall 949-824-1262 Faculty
James Nowick Distinguished Professor 4126 Natural Sciences I 949-824-6091 Faculty
Eric Potma Professor 1107 Natural Sciences II 949-824-9942 Faculty
Jennifer Prescher Professor 4142 Natural Sciences I 949-824-1706 Faculty
Larry Overman Distinguished Professor 4042A Fredrick Reines Hall Faculty
Shane Ardo Associate Professor 2131 Natural Sciences II 949-824-3796 Faculty
Ann Marie Carlton Professor 380B Rowland Hall 949-824-5651 Faculty
Don Blake Distinguished Professor 570 Rowland Hall 949-824-4195 Faculty
Bill Evans Distinguished Professor 2046B Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5174 Faculty
John Hemminger Distinguished Professor 334B Rowland Hall 949-824-6020 Faculty
Shaul Mukamel Distinguished Professor 434A Rowland Hall 949-824-7600 Faculty
Barbara Finlayson-Pitts Distinguished Professor and Codirector of AirUCI 328 Rowland Hall 949-824-7670 Faculty
Christopher Vanderwal Professor 4042B Reines Hall 949-824-6702 Faculty
Mike Green Professor 570A Steinhaus Hall Faculty
Andy Borovik Distinguished Professor 4076 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering 949-824-1510 Faculty
Reginald Penner Associate Dean, Chancellor's Professor 2137 Natural Sciences II, 1139 Natural Sciences II Faculty
Kieron Burke Distinguished Professor 2145 Natural Sciences II Faculty
Gregory Weiss Professor 4122 Natural Science One 949-824-5566 Faculty
Rachel Martin Department Vice Chair, Professor 4136 Natural Sciences I Faculty
Kenneth Shea Distinguished Professor 5042B Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5844 Faculty
Elizabeth Bess Assistant Professor 3038A Frederick Reines Hall Faculty
Vy Dong Professor 4206 Natural Sciences I 949-395-0186 Faculty
Craig Murray Associate Professor 317B Rowland Hall 949-824-4218 Faculty
Suzanne Blum Professor 2046A Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-8178 Faculty
Ramesh Arasasingham Professor of Teaching 2129 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5632 Faculty
Craig Martens Professor 2105 Natural Sciences II 949-824-8768 Faculty
Maxx Arguilla Assistant Professor 4124 Natural Sciences I Faculty
David Van Vranken Associate Dean, Professor 2046D Frederick Reines Hall, 134 Rowland Hall 949-824-5455 Faculty
Zhibin Guan Professor 5042D Frederick Reines Hall,1123 Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-5172 / 949-824-9173 Faculty
Seunghyun Sim Assistant Professor 4084 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Faculty
Douglas Tobias Chair, Distinguished Professor 4118 Natural Science One Faculty
Vartkess Apkarian Distinguished Professor 2125 Natural Sciences II 949-824-6851 Faculty
Rob Corn Distinguished Professor 2139 Natural Sciences II 949-824-1746 Faculty
Sarah Finkeldei Assistant Professor 332 Rowland Hall (949) 824-5872 Faculty
Nien-hui Ge Professor 2143 Natural Sciences II 949-824-1263 Faculty
Filipp Furche Professor 2135 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5051 Faculty
Sergey Pronin Associate Professor 5042A Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-4193 Faculty
Joe Patterson Assistant Professor 577 Rowland Hall 949-529-6854 Faculty
Jenny Yang Chancellor's Professor 4080 ISEB Faculty
Athan Shaka Professor 231A Rowland Hall 949-824-8509 Faculty
Ioan Andricioaei Professor 4212 Natural Sciences I 949-824-3569 Faculty
Vladimir Mandelshtam Professor 2103 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5509 Faculty
Position: Joint Appointments
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Celia Faiola Assistant Professor 463 Steinhaus Hall (949) 824-2061 Joint Appointments
Plamen Atanassov Chancellor’s Professor 5064 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (949) 824-2143 Joint Appointments
Jin Yu Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy 220B Rowland Hall (949) 824-2995 Joint Appointments
Krzysztof Palczewski Donald Bren Professor, Distinguished Professor Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility 829 Health Sciences Rd. Room# 2105 949-824-6527 Joint Appointments
Herdeline Ardoña Assistant Professor 816C Engineering Tower (949) 824-2800 Joint Appointments
Brian Paegel Professor 101 Theory (Suite 100) 949-824-9368 Joint Appointments
Xiaoyu Shi Assistant Professor (949) 824-7638 Joint Appointments
Vojislav Stamenkovic Professor 4048 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (949) 824-3426 Joint Appointments
Chang Liu Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering 4064 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering 949-824-8534 Joint Appointments
Thomas Poulos Distinguished Professor 2206 Natural Sciences I, 2403 Natural Sciences I 949-824-7020 / 949-824-4322 / 949-824-2856 Joint Appointments
Eric Saltzman Distinguished Professor 3325 Croul Hall 949-824-3936 Joint Appointments
Shiou-Chuan Tsai Professor 2218 Natural Sciences 1,2302 Natural Sciences 1 949-824-4486 / 949-824-8829 Joint Appointments
Zuzanna Siwy Professor 210G Rowland Hall 949-824-8290 Joint Appointments
Wilson Ho Donald Bren Professor 310B Rowland Hall 949-824-5234 Joint Appointments
Robert Spitale Associate Professor 2403 Natural Sciences 1 949-824-7655 Joint Appointments
Markus Ribbe Professor 2236 McGaugh Hall, 2448 McGaugh Hall 949-824-9509 Joint Appointments
Stephen Hanessian Director, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Gateway Program 2216 Natural Sciences I 949-824-5449 Joint Appointments
David Mobley Professor 3134B Natural Sciences I, 3110 Natural Sciences I 949-824-6383 Joint Appointments
John Chaput Professor 3342 McGaugh Hall 949-824-8149 Joint Appointments
Allon Hochbaum Associate Professor 4419 Calit2 949-824-1194 Joint Appointments
Andrej Luptak Professor 2141 Natural Sciences II, 2331 Natural Sciences II 949-824-9132 Joint Appointments
Alon Gorodetsky Associate Professor 944 D Engineering Tower 949-824-7159 Joint Appointments
Position: Emeritus Faculty
Picture First Name Last Name Job Title Office Phone Email Positionsort descending
Ken Janda Professor Emeritus Emeritus Faculty
R. Gerber Professor Emeritus 334A Rowland Hall 949-824-6758 Emeritus Faculty
George Miller Professor of Teaching Emeritus 326 Rowland Hall 949-824-6649 / 949-824-6082 Emeritus Faculty
Fillmore Freeman Professor 1113 Natural Sciences II 949-824-6501 Emeritus Faculty
Everly Fleischer Professor Emeritus 4042C Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-3820 Emeritus Faculty
David Brant Professor Emeritus 434-972-2460 / 703-401-1495 Emeritus Faculty
Robert Doedens Professor Emeritus 574 Rowland Hall 949-824-6605 Emeritus Faculty
Richard Chamberlin Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry 147 Biological Sciences Administration / 4206 Natural Sciences I 949-824-7089 Emeritus Faculty