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Photo First Name Last Namesort ascending Job Title Office Email Phone
Joseph Ziller X-Ray Crystallography Facility Director 576 Rowland Hall 949-824-4091
Skyler Wu Personnel Analyst NS2 1129 (949)824-8593
Mike Tran Upper Division Stockroom Manager 471 Rowland Hall 949-824-7402
Trixy Talmon-Todd Department Assistant 1131 Natural Sciences II 949-824-5463
Melissa Sweet AirUCI Institute Project Coordinator 366 Rowland Hall 949-824-2628
Bailey Spelman Graduate Program Coordinator 1103 Natural Sciences II 949-824-3082
Morgan Sibley Student Affairs Manager 1105 Natural Science II 949-824-4261
Suv Sengupta NMR Facility Director B104 Fredrick Reines Hall
Florence Quoi Student Assistant
Tatum Power Undergraduate Program Coordinator 1101 Natural Sciences II 949-824-2895
Madeline Nolde Special Projects Coordinator 1127 Natural Sciences II (949)824-0449
Melanie Nguyen Program Director, Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Labs and Chemistry Academy 230 Rowland Hall 949-824-3139
Aries Magana Payroll Analyst 1123 Natural Sciences II 949-824-3686
Celso Lopez Stockroom Manager 582 Rowland Hall, 556 Rowland Hall 949-824-5053
John Keffer Reactor Facility Manager B62 Rowland Hall 760-505-2490
Benjamin Katz Proteomics Specialist 1002A Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-3259
Jolyne Ikezue Student Assitant
Felix Grun Director, Mass Spectrometry 1002 Frederick Reines Hall 949-824-3453
Lisa Gauf Senior Administrator of Special Programs 1109 Natural Sciences II 949-824-4816
Stephanie Garcia-Mora Student Assitant 1120 Natural Sciences II 949-824-4097
Melina Garcia Student Assistant 1120 Natural Sciences II 949-824-4097
Dmitry Fishman Director, Laser Spectroscopy Labs; Adjunct Professor 324 Rowland Hall 949-824-8016
Juan Du Proposal Analyst 1133 Natural Sciences II 949-824-7672
Cynthia Dennis Chief Administrative Officer 1125 Natural Sciences II 949-824-6089
Janet Del Campo Human Resources Manager 1135 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-4342
Barbara Chisholm Faculty Assistant 573 Rowland Hall 949-824-4854
Maik Bollhorn Glass Shop Manager