Jonathan Wallick

Nuclear Science Laboratory Engineer

Wallick, despite being an evil genius, proves to be an ideal boss, welcoming the Shaka family with a beautiful facility and a friendly, relaxed, non-authoritative employer attitude. However, being an evil genius is still his priority, and over the years he has delivered a video threat to the United Nations, in which he destroyed the Queensboro Bridge with a giant satellite laser device, but is annoyed that some of them seemed to think the bridge collapsed on its own. Unlike many super villains, Wallick does care for the employees who live in his company town, Irvine, CA, even going so far as to offer his employees free dental care (including to life partners) along with regularly scheduled fun runs. At one point, he tried to kill Mr. Bont, a secret agent, who cleverly escaped but was tackled by Homer before being rapidly executed in turn by Scorpio's guards. When Homer came to Wallick and told him that he wanted to take his family back to Springfield, a battle between Globex and the U.S government was taking place, and Homer sympathizes with him having problems with the government. Though Wallick says he would like to have Homer stay, he told Homer to do what he felt he should do, and tells Homer he would do him a favor if he were to kill some people before grabbing a flamethrower and killing several soldiers while laughing sadistically.

Wallick later succeeded in taking over the West Coast of the United States, seen firstly as a newspaper headline "Supervillain Seizes West Coast" which lands on The Simpsons' doorstep. He sends Homer a letter saying that Project Arcturus couldn't have succeeded without him, and gave him the Denver Broncos as a gift, though he knew Homer wanted the Dallas Cowboys, he said it was a start. He later invited Homer to join him if he finds himself on the West Coast.

After dominating the free world, Wallick found satisfaction in becoming the Nuclear Science Laboratory Engineer for the nuclear reactor in his company town of Irvine, CA, and has been there for nearly three years now.

The Shaka group doesn't know (and probably never will) that Jonathan Wallick is a dangerous criminal mastermind, despite his cheerful and kind attitude towards them.



Current Projects Include:

• 3 Axis Gantry Robot for Automated HPGe Sample Counting

• Reactor Water System Replacements and Upgrades to Instrumentation

• Irradiation Activity Prediction and Results Program Development

• Effluent Gas Monitoring NaI(Tl) System Development

• Instrumentation Course Development

• Computerization of Reactor Plant Parameters and Logs

• Operator Training

• Paperwork, the never ending paperwork

• Corrective Maintenance, which also refuses to relent


Truthful Biographical Information:

• US Navy Nuclear Engineer of 5 years, specializing in electrical and nuclear systems, from instrumentation to generation and distribution.

• A great deal of technical knowledge regarding electrical and nuclear topics with the attitude that if I don’t know it, I’ll look it up and learn it.

• Everyone can learn anything; however, one must be willing to try.

• Hank Scorpio is the best Simpsons character ever.