The central theme of the Ardo Group's research program is to understand and control reaction mechanisms at interfaces, with the goal of optimizing energy conversion for practical applications, including solar seawater desalination, solar fuels devices, photovoltaics, redox flow batteries, and fuel cells.

Dye-Modified Ion-Exchange Membranes

Watch a short video from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation explaining The Ardo Group's solar desalination concept and Shane's Distinctive Voices Lecture (53 minutes) from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine titled "Development of a plastic water bottle for sunlight-driven desalination."

Asymmetry is the key characteristic responsible for light-induced charge separation, current rectification, selective catalysis, and energy transport; it is operative in semiconductors, biological membranes, and molecular donor–chromophore–acceptor complexes. Members of the Ardo Group design and control asymmetry through modeling, synthesis, and engineering of molecule–material structures. The electrochemical, photoelectrochemical, and photophysical properties of hard and soft material interfaces are manipulated via molecular functionalization and electrostatic engineering. New materials and molecules are being investigated, including multiple-electron-transfer oxidation catalysts, near-infrared-absorbing dyes, photoacidic nanocrystals, chemically modified surfaces, and ion-conducting polymers. The results from each study are pertinent to fundamental electrochemistry and charge-transfer, energy-transfer, and ion-transfer phenomena.

The Ardo Group is well-suited for students and postdoctoral scholars with various backgrounds and expertise, spanning the disciplines of chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, applied physics, electrical engineering, and biophysics.
Group News

1/18/2018: Leanna Schulte joins Team Ardo. Welcome, Leanna!

1/18/2017: The Ardo Group's collaborative publication with the Weber Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory titled "Evaluating particle-suspension reactor designs for Z-scheme solar water splitting via transport and kinetic modeling" is awarded the Front Inside Cover Art in Energy & Environmental Science. Congratulations, Rohini (LBNL, and now University of Michigan), Sasuke, and Yuanxun!

1/10/2018: Joseph is awarded a talk at the Frontiers in Photochemistry Fusion Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Congratulations, Joseph!

1/8/2018: Nazila Farhang joins Team Ardo. Welcome, Nazila!

1/1/2018: Hsiang-Yun and Shane's publication titled "Direct observation of sequential oxidations of a titania-bound molecular proxy catalyst generated through illumination of molecular sensitizers" which reports on the group's seminal work on light-driven charge accumulation is awarded the Front Cover Art in Nature Chemistry. Congratulations, Hsiang-Yun!

12/17/2017: The Ardo Group receives funding from Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. as sponsored research to pursue research and development of light-driven ion pumps for solar desalination of salt water. Go Team!
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