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Welcome to the Blum Group website!




Our group pioneers new mechanisms for transition-metal reactivity with synthetic applications

and aims to change the way people study chemical reactions by developing microscopy techniques

to study mechanisms and catalysis.


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Latest News:


Mar. 28: Quinn received an ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable Student Travel Grant to attend the upcoming 22nd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference. Congratulations, Quinn!


Feb. 26: We have a new group photo! Aren’t we a photogenic bunch?


Feb. 15: Welcome new postdoc, Hassen, who is joining us from KU Leuven!


Feb. 8: The Group participated in the Metals in Synthesis Super Group Meeting! Jarvo, Dong, and Van Vranken labs joined the meeting. Special Guest Prof. Bob Bergman also attended! Thanks to all for the great science discussion.


Jan. 24: Welcome new graduate student Antonio!


Dec. 12: Our communication on dynamic chemical kinetics at individual molecular catalysts was accepted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congrats, Quinn!


Nov. 27: Welcome new undergraduate student David!


Nov. 6: Professor Blum is elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Congratulations, Prof. Blum!


Oct. 11: Our research account of borylative heterocyclization is one of the Most Read Articles in Acc. Chem. Res. Congratulations, Adena and Kim!


Oct. 1: Welcome new postdoc Kristof, who is joining the group from TU Braunschweig!


Sept. 21: Our research account of borylative hetrocyclization covering oxyboration, aminoboration, and thioboration was published in Acc. Chem. Res. Congrats, Adena and Kim!


Sept. 20: We’re in the news! Our communication on spatiotemporally resolved single monomer turnover at individual molecular catalysts was highlighted in a UCI News Brief. Congratulations, Quinn!


Sept. 11: Our communication on spatiotemporally resolved single monomer turnover at individual molecular catalysts was accepted and published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congrats, Quinn!


Sept. 11: Welcome new undergraduate student Scott!


July 20-23: Kim presented at the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium!


July 3: Our paper on mechanistic studies of thioboration was published in J. Org. Chem. Congrats, Adena and Darius!


July 1: Professor Blum is promoted to full professor. Congratulations, Prof. Blum!


June 17: Darius participates in the Graduate Hooding commencement ceremony. Congrats, Dr. Faizi!


June 9: Adena received the American Institute of Chemists Award. Congratulations, Adena!

May 24: The group received the Department of Chemistry Safety Award at the E. K. C. Lee Dinner. Keep up the safe work, group!

Apr. 27: Kim was invited to present at the American Chemical Society, Division of Organic Chemistry, Graduate Research Symposium. Way to go, Kim!

Apr. 24: Our viewpoint article on structure-reactivity studies of intermediates for mechanistic information by subensemble fluorescence microscopy was published in ACS Catal. Congrats, Kaz!

Apr. 6: Quinn presented our papers on insertion of alkyl and aryl iodides to Zn powder, followed by their solubilization using LiCl, at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco!