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Our group pioneers new mechanisms for transition-metal reactivity with synthetic applications and aims to change the way people study chemical reactions by developing microscopy techniques to study mechanisms and catalysis.




Latest News:

Mar. 8: Darius successfully defended his thesis. Congrats, Dr. Faizi!

Mar. 7: The group hosted Professor Randy Goldsmith from the University of Wisconsin, Madison for a seminar. Thanks for the great selfie!

Feb. 13: We have a new group photo!

Feb. 3: Our paper on direct insertion of alkyl and aryl iodides to Zn powder was published in Organometallics as an ACS Editors' Choice article. Congrats, Chao and Quinn!

Feb. 1: Our paper on catalyst-free thioboration was highlighted in Synfacts as the "Synfact of the month" and is featured as the cover article. Congrats, Darius, Ashlee, and Fiach!

Dec. 1: Welcome new graduate student Chao!

Nov. 18: Welcome new postdoc Kazuhiro!

Nov. 5: Our paper on the role of LiCl in solubilizing organozinc reagents was highlighted in Org. Process Res. Dev. Congrats, Chao, Drew, and Quinn!

Sept. 23: Our paper on catalyst-free formal thioboration to generate benzothiophenes and dihydrobenzothiophenes was accepted in Angew. Chem. Congrats, Darius, Ashlee, and Fiach!

Aug. 22: Our paper on the role of LiCl in solubilizing organozinc reagents was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Congrats, Chao, Drew, and Quinn!

July 27: Our oxyboration procedure was just published in Organic Syntheses. Congrats, Darius, Nicole, and Al-Amin!

June 3: Ashlee received the Pfizer Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Research Award. Congrats, Ashlee!

June 1: Kim received the Gebel Award from the Department of Chemistry. Congrats, Kim!

May 20: Adena passed her Advancement to Candidacy Exam. Congrats, Adena!

Apr. 21: Our oxyboration method for the preparation of 4-borylated isoxazoles was highlighted in the April issue of Synfacts. Congrats, Kim!