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Our group pioneers new mechanisms for transition-metal reactivity with synthetic applications

and aims to change the way people study chemical reactions by developing microscopy techniques

to study mechanisms and catalysis.

Latest News:

Dec 19: Congratulations, Dr. Kristof Jess, for earning the prestigious Rochow Award from TU Braunschweig. Dr. Jess received this award for his excellent Ph. D. thesis.


Dec 5: We have two new graduate students joining the group, Joe Kaplan and Tristen Tagawa. Welcome to the team!


Nov 26: Congratulations to Dr. Kim N. Tu for a successful thesis defense regarding borylative heterocyclization!


Oct 11: Our research on transition-metal-free synthesis of borylated thiophenes via formal thioboration was published in Org. Lett. Congrats, Hassen!


Sept 28: Postdoc Kristof Jess gave a stellar presentation to a packed house at UCI's 3rd Annual Postdoc Research Symposium.

Great job on co-organizing this outstanding symposium, Kristof!


Sept 1: Congratulations to Dr. Easter for his NIST NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship


July 25: Our paper on borylation of dihydrofurans and isochromenes was published in J. Org. Chem. Congrats, Kim and Chao!


July 23: We accomplished our mission! The Group escaped from an escape room thanks to our wits and courageous effort.


July 16: Welcome summer rotating graduate student Tristen!


July 1: Our communication on when unique subensemble and single-turnover information are resolvable over nine orders of magnitude was published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congrats, Quinn!


June 29: Talk about crushing it with fellowships! Scott received the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the Allergan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Scott!


June 26-30: Kim and Adena gave poster talks over their research, and Prof. Blum gave a presentation, at BORAM XVI in Boston, MA. Great job to all!


June 19: Congratulations to our undergraduates David and Scott! Both of them received the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.


June 18-20: Quinn presented his research over spatiotemporally resolved single catalyst turnover and dynamic chemical kinetics at the ACS GC&E Conference!


June 16: Kim and Quinn participate in the graduate hooding ceremony. What a momentous occasion!


May 25: Quinn successfully defends his thesis on single turnover at molecular catalyst. Congratulations, Dr. Easter!


May 23: Adena received the Most Promising Future Faculty Member Award at the E. K. C. Lee Dinner. Congratulations, Adena!


May 10: Professor Blum received the Physical Science Outstanding Contributions to the Undergraduate Education Award in the Department of Chemistry. Congrats, Prof. Blum!


May 8: We’re in the real world now! Our communication on spatiotemporally resolved single monomer turnover was highlighted in “Kinetics in the Real World” by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congrats, Quinn!


Feb. 26: We have a new group photo! Aren’t we a photogenic bunch?


Feb. 15: Welcome new postdoc, Hassen, who is joining us from KU Leuven!


Feb. 8: The Group participated in the Metals in Synthesis Super Group Meeting! Jarvo, Dong, and Van Vranken labs joined the meeting. Special Guest Prof. Bob Bergman also attended! Thanks to all for the great science discussion.


Jan. 24: Welcome new graduate student Antonio!


Dec. 12: Our communication on dynamic chemical kinetics at individual molecular catalysts was accepted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congrats, Quinn!