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Kleine Friedrich - Fluorescence wide filed and Fluorescence / Raman laser microscopy system

Epi fluorescence wide field imaging microscope, laser-based spectrometer/microscope. Raman shift cut off at 150 cm-1 to >5000 cm-1 with up to 1 cm-1 resolution. Anti-Stokes detection optional. Spectrally resolved fluorescence detection up to 1100 nm. Excitation wavelengths: 532 nm, 632.8 nm. Wide field white light all-optical imaging capability.




Useful reading:

Quantum yield determination pdf

Excitation and emission spetroscopy fundamentals (by B. Herman, J.R. Lakowicz, D.B. Murphy, T.J.Fellers and M.W. Davidson for Olympus) pdf

Fluorescence spectroscopy (by Perkin Elmer) pdf



lasers power chart