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Thor - THz optical rectificator, time-domain THz, 2D-Raman

This beamline employ high energy THz generated in ZnTe through optical rectification of the 800 nm input light and and air plasma using both 800 nm and 400 nm pulses. The evolution of pulsed THz electric field is detected by electro-optical sampling of THz single cycle pusle with optical gate pulse 80 fs. The spectral range covers 0.25 THz - 10 THz (ZnTe) (20 dB) and up to 20 THz (air plasma) with the strength of the THz field at maximum to be of the order of 1MV/cm.

Forth, fully tunable pulse (250 nm - 2700 nm) is used as pump, resonant/non-resonant Raman excitation - fully flexible in spectral-time domain THz spectroscopy.



THz-TDS for Dummies