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Jasco FT/IR-4700 - ATR-PRO ONE

The FT/IR-4700 has spectral range from 350 cm-1 to 7800 cm-1. Spectrometer equipped with TGS and MCT detector for ultimate signal measurements and spectral range. Optical alignment is guaranteed by corner cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment maximum energy throughput. Resolution of 0.4 cm-1 and a S/N greater than 35,000:1. ATR-PRO ONE is a single bounce ATR with monolithic diamond. The new monolithic developed diamond provides excellent transmission in 300-12000 cm-1 (detector dependent) spectral range.

Useful reading:

Fourier transform spectroscopy (by Thermo Nicolet) pdf



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Jasco V-670 UV/Vis/NIR/MIR absorption/reflection spectrometer

The optical system includes an automatically exchanged dual-grating and dual detector system anywhere in range 800-900 nm. The unique single monochromator design of the V-670 utilizes fewer mirrors, providing higher throughput which results in a higher signal-to-noise ratio for the entire spectral range. This feature enables highly accurate measurements using accessories such as an integrating sphere in the NIR region.

• Double-beam with single monochromator
• PMT detector (UV-Vis)
• Peltier cooled PbS detector (NIR)
• Range 190 to 2,700 nm (2,500 nm for integrating sphere)
• Variable band pass down to 0.1 nm (UV-Vis)



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Cary-7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer

The Cary 7000 UMS offers the following measurement modes:
• Absolute specular reflectance
• Direct transmission, reflection and absorptance — without moving the sample
• Scattered transmission and reflection — by moving the detector independently of the sample and controlling the incoming/outgoing beam geometry

Multi-modal measurements — 6 in total — enable greater depth of information to be obtained quickly, for comprehensive sample characterization. Independent control and movement of sample and detector allows absolute reflectance and transmission measurements to be performed without moving the sample. New generation high resolution optical encoder provides positional accuracy with ultra fine angular control down to 0.02 degrees. The unique Si/InGaAs detector technology provides the benefit of a UV-Vis-NIR detector in a single sandwich package, ensuring seamless transition from UV to visible to NIR.



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