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Malvern Viskotek GPC/SEC triple detection system

The Viscotek is a complete stand-alone, research grade, temperature controlled, multi-detector GPC/SEC system suitable for the molecular weight and molecular size determination of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers, copolymers and other macromolecules. The detectors range includes RI detector, Viskometer, RALS detector and multi-angle scattering detector with 20 angles. SEC-MALS 20 can be used to measure the absolute molecular weight and oligomeric state of proteins, independent of retention time. It can also be used to analyse natural and synthetic polymers, including the measurement of molecular size over the widest possible range.




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NanoSight NS300

The NS300 can visualize and measure particles in suspension in the size range 10-2000nm (depending on material) and addresses the needs of a wide variety of applications including protein aggregation, exosome and microvesicle research, drug delivery systems, characterizes materials under the new EU Definition of Nanomaterials, and is particularly suited to analysis of particles labeled with fluorescent quantum dots.
This instrument comprises of an sCMOS camera, integrated temperature control and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software suite in a compact format. The NTA Analytical Software suite offers real-time dynamic nanoparticle visualisation, particle-by-particle analysis, particle counting and sizing, particle size distributions displayed as histograms, data output to spreadsheet and video clip capture.




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Malvern Zetasizer uV

The Zetasizer µV is a highly sensitive dual function light scattering detector. It can be used as a RALS detector with any GPC/SEC system, including Viscotek, to give absolute size (by DLS) and absolute molecular weight (by SLS). Alternatively, in cuvette mode, it is suitable for the detection of aggregates and for monitoring aggregate formation using DLS. 

  • Sensitivity – 0.1mg/mL 15kDa protein (Lysozyme).
  • 2µL sample required in cuvette mode to preserve sample.
  • 8µL flow cell for chromatography mode ensures minimal band broadening to preserve the resolution of the separation.



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Malvern Zetasizer ZS Nano DLS

The Zetasizer Nano ZS is a high performance two angle particle and molecular size analyzer for the enhanced detection of aggregates and measurement of small or dilute samples, and samples at very low or high concentration using dynamic light scattering with ‘NIBS’ optics. Measures particle and molecule size, translational diffusion, electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential of particles at high and low concentrations, viscosity and viscoelasticity of protein and polymer solutions, concentration, MW, A2, kD. Variable controlled temperature from 0 C to 90 C.

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lab instructions

user guide