Apply to the Group

Thanks for your interest in the Dong Research Group. We are excited to learn more about you. To apply for a position with our lab, please see details below.

Postdoctoral Fellows

To apply for a postdoctoral position, please send a cover letter, a resume with publication list, contact information for three references, and a research summary (less than two pages) by e-mail to Professor Dong and copy Mr. Wilmer Alkhas. In your cover letter, include your future career goals and discuss fellowship opportunities you plan to pursue.

Graduate Student Positions

Prospective students are encouraged to apply directly to our graduate program through this link.

During the annual graduate visit weekends in March, we look forward to showing you why we love doing research at UC Irvine. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to contact Professor Dong or any of the group members to find out more about our research projects and graduate life in sunny California. New first year graduate students are welcome to rotate through our laboratory and/or attend our weekly group meetings before group joining occurs every December.

Undergraduate Positions

For chemistry and pharmaceutical Science majors, if you would like to pursue undergraduate research in the Dong Group, please send an application to Mr. Wilmer Alkhas. Include a brief statement of your future goals, an unofficial copy of your transcripts, and times when you would be available to schedule an interview with Wilmer.

Visiting Scholars

We have enjoyed hosting visiting researchers from all over the world and welcome those of you who wish to pursue a temporary sabbatical stay with us. Please apply to Professor Dong and copy Mr. Wilmer Alkhas. Include a brief statement of your future career goals, a resume, and a copy of your transcript. Note that visiting students must obtain their own fellowship funding.

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