Tour the Lab

We are located in Natural Sciences I, room 4403. Our laboratory is equipped with a solvent purification system, LC/MS, GC/MS, chiral GC, chiral SFC, automated column chromatography systems, high pressure gas reactors, and eight-foot fumehoods. For a video tour, see below:

Mannequin Challenge

A moment in the life of an organic synthesis laboratory, where we design and build new molecular architecture. UC Irvine chemists in the #mannequin challenge highlighted in Science.

Our SOP Videos

Our laboratory has benefited from the many protocols, presentations, and resources posted online by other research groups and so, we are posting some of our own standard operating procedures (SOP's). We are creating these video to (1) enhance training and optimize practices within our laboratory and (2) facilitate sharing and collaboration with colleagues outside our group. If you're interested in using any of our instrumentation, please contact our laboratory manager, Wilmer Alkhas. Other suggestions, questions, or feedback are welcomed.

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