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To see photos of our group members at various events and celebrations, please check out our facebook feed below.

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For an archive of photos from our early years, see the albums below.

Group Trips and Events
2013 ACS Meeting and Overman Symposium
2013 Summer BBQ
2012 ACS Meeting & Beach House
San Diego and Irvine, CA
2011 NOS Meeting & NYC
Princeton, NJ
2010 ISACS-1 Meeting
San Francisco, CA
2009 CSC Meeting
Hamilton, ON
2009 Canoe Trip
Toronto Island, ON
2008 BBQ & Super Soakers
2008 ACS Meeting
New Orleans, LA
2007 Summer Games
2006 Ontario Science Center

Charles, Matthew, Tom & Joe
November 11, 2011
Yang and Jane
May 6, 2009
Aug 16-24, 2008