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Welcome to the Esser-Kahn Group

We use chemistry and materials to answer unique questions across different fields. Our motto: chemistry everywhere. Our tools live at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and material science. We are interested in questions like, what makes a good vaccine a good vaccine? Trying to answer this fundamental question with chemical tools led to our work in bottom up vaccine design. We also wonder, what is the world going to do with all the carbon dioxide we are producing and how can we invent new approaches for capturing and releasing it? Natural systems have been solving this problem for billions of years. We look to biology for inspiration on how to understand the fundamentals of design in carbon capturing systems, mass exchange devices, and harnessing unused energy. These ideas are just our current interests. Please check out our website where we explain some of the projects in greater detail. Come in. Click around and understand: who we are, what we are interested in, and how we operate. We are always interested in a good question or a new concept. If you need a chemistry collaborator, or have a chemical question, contact us. We are very interested in solving problems that are interdisciplinary. Thanks for stopping by.

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