Facility Operations Update

The MS Facility will continually review and follow campus recommendations regarding measures to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. At present the facility remains open and available to users for most services but will implement specific measures to minimize exposure as outlined below.
These include the following:
- Staff will continue working absent any symptoms or contrary medical advice.
- Staff that are feeling unwell or exhibit symptoms will remain home until cleared for resumption of duties.
- Facility entry points (door handles) and high-traffic surfaces (computer keyboards) will be disinfected multiple times daily with benzalkonium chloride (disinfectant) wipes.
- Users will be asked to practice good chemical hygiene through the use of PPE, specifically the use of disposable latex gloves and disinfectant wipes when logging in samples.
- In the event of staff shortages, administrative tasks (ordering, billing, client communication) can be performed from home by remote access of facility computers and many instruments can be operated via TeamViewer. Video cameras allow for remote monitoring of nitrogen gas tanks. It is expected that we will continue to provide instrument access.
- Essential checks will be performed by staff rotation (F. Grun, B. Katz or M. Valenzula). Essential duties that require the physical presence of a staff member include checks on:
- Instrument status
- Restart of instruments
- Solvent checks
- Gas tanks checks and rotations
- In the event that classes are cancelled to enhance social distancing, weekly instrument user training sessions will be suspended or held by remote teleconferencing.
Users can email or text the facility director (Felix Grün, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; (714) 566-5223) for any problems if staff are unavailable.
Questions ? Please contact Felix Grün