Other services: APCI, ASAP, Air sensitive samples

ACPI (atmospheric presure chemical ionization)

This is an ionization method that can be used for compounds that are insufficiently polar to respond well in ESI but are not amenable to GC-MS (e.g., too high molecular weight). Although we do not have APCI as an open access technique it is available so talk to the facility staff if you think it may be useful for your compounds.


ASAP (atmospheric solids analysis probe)

ASAP is a method of introducing samples, placed on a surface, into a corona discharge where [M + H]+ ions can be generated that are then transfered to the mass analyzer. We have been using this methodology in atmospheric research. 


Air sensitive samples

The facility has had considerable success in analyzing air sensitive compounds, particularly organo-metallics. Come a talk to us and we will try to help.