UCI Nuclear Science Outreach


One, two, or three class sessions for chemistry and physics classes


Students will learn / gain hands-on experience for

CA High School Chemistry Standard: Set 11 Nuclear Processes (including AP Chemistry).


GM Counter



  • UCI senior undergraduate students will bring a laboratory experiment using Geiger Counters and (safe) small radioactive sources to your classroom.  
    45-50 minutes total (longer periods can be accommodated).
    Usually two students will bring the session to your classroom.


  • Your students will use Geiger Counters to examine properties of radioactive substances and collect data to compare alpha, beta, gamma radiation. 


  • A power point presentation reviews basic theory and where radioactive substances are to be found.


A pre-visit activity is provided/suggested for the teacher to use in class (building marshmallow nuclei)[can be done more cleanly with LEGO or marbles!]


A post-visit activity (simulating radioactive decay) is provided and encouraged for use the day after our visit.

Pre- and post- tests will be provided for teacher use (with keys) on prior and subsequent days. The data collected will inform our program effectiveness and development.



Faculty Leader: Dr George E. Miller, UCI Department of Chemistry. 949-824-6649

All UCI students presenting have passed a laboratory course focusing on Radioactive Isotopes and are properly cleared for working in schools.


Students are generally available on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school day.

Other times may be able to be arranged.

When scheduling, please indicate the type(s) of AV equipment, if any, in your classroom.


For scheduling, please contact UCI at least two weeks in advance to:


UCI-CFEP: 949-824-0182 OR email: gemiller@uci.edu


Co-sponsored by UCI FOCUS!(NSF) and Western Nuclear Science Alliance (USDOE)

Please Note: Our sponsors require us to ask teachers to provide approximate ethnic and gender breakdown for students in classes served.