OpenChem: UCI Course Video Lectures on YouTube

Professor Ken Janda, Dean of UCI School of Physical Sciences, announces OpenChem (video)
Professor James Nowick discusses OpenChem (video)
UCI OpenChem Press Release

General Chemistry
Chem 1P. Preparation for General Chemistry (Professor Eric Potma)
Chem 1A. General Chemistry (Dr. Amanda Brindley)
Chem 1B. General Chemistry (Professor Donald Blake)
Chem 1C. General Chemistry (Dr. Ramesh Arasasingham)

Organic Chemistry
Chem 51A. Organic Chemistry (Professor James Nowick)
Chem 51A. Organic Chemistry (Dr. Susan King)
Chem 51B. Organic Chemistry (Professor David Van Vranken)
Chem 51B. Organic Chemistry (Dr. Susan King)
Chem 51C. Organic Chemistry (Professor James Nowick)
Chem 51C. Organic Chemistry (Dr. Susan King)

Physical Chemistry
Chem 131A. Physical Chemistry: Quantum Principles (Professor A. J. Shaka)
Chem 131B. Physical Chemistry: Molecular Structure and Statistical Mechanics (Professor Rachel Martin)
Chem 131C. Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics (Professor Reginald Penner)

Additional Undergraduate Classes
Chem 5: Scientific Computing Skills (Professor Douglas Tobias)
Chem 107. Inorganic Chemistry (Professor Matt Law)
Chem 125. Advanced Organic Chemistry (Professor James Nowick)
Chem 128. Introduction to Chemical Biology (Professor Gregory Weiss)

Graduate-Level Classes
Chem 201. Organic Reaction Mechanisms I (Professor David Van Vranken)
Chem 202. Organic Reaction Mechanisms II (Professor David Van Vranken)
Chem 203. Organic Spectroscopy (Professor James Nowick)