Rychnovsky Research Group







February:  Congratulations to Richard and Justin for two successful thesis defenses!


Bay 4004 says goodbye to Justin after almost 4 years together!






















March:  The group goes bowling.




















November:  Congratulation to Dr. Renzo Samame and Dr. Alex Wagner for defending their theses!


September: Congratulations to Renzo and Christina!  They were able to synthesize (+)-fastigiatine, which contains five rings, two quaternary centers, and six stereogenic centers in only six steps in an overall 14.6% yield.


April: Congrats to the new Dr. Gidget Tay on her final defense!  She will be starting at Rockford University in the fall, way to go!


January: The CEC method got a recent shout out:




Also, Sigma-Aldrich put up a spotlight on using HBTM for asymmetric acylations written by Alex Wagner:






December: A late welcome to our two new lab members Alex and Kimberly!














August: The fourth floor bay reppin’ it for the Breaking Bad themed group photo day, but underneath they’re all about the flannel.














Our Breaking Bad themed group photo!




May: Happy Birthday Justin!  Don't be too skeptical of "Juice-Tin", he just wants to run your columns!




March: Goodbye to our dear members Nick and Ramona, we wish you the best in your future endeavors! Nick will be an assistant professor at King’s College in Pennsylvania, and Ramona will be heading back to Germany to finish up her Ph.D!




December: Welcome to our newest lab member, Sarah Block!


November:  Congrats to Maureen Reilly on her defense! We’ll miss you.


October:  Welcome our new undergraduates Christina and Emily, as well as our visiting researcher Ramona!


Plenty of dressing up for Halloween!
















Maureen brought back some fancy liquor from France, we had a group taste test!

















September:  Lab trip to Raging Rivers Water Park.






















Lab trip to Creamistry in Irvine!




















Lab happy hour at the Yard House!










August: Happy Birthday to our PostDoc Michael















January:  Congrats to Jon and Matt on their Org Lett paper! Also, huge thanks to Greg Suryn for leading the safety effort!





December: Congrats to Renzo and Shawn on their JACS paper! Also, farewell to Maureen! She’s off to France to work in the lab of Peter Faller where she is working with Emmanuel Gras as a Chateaubriand.




Welcome to our new graduate students, Eric, Jacob, and Justin!  Welcome to our new Postdoc, Michael!
















October:  Another Halloween Party!
















September: Farewell to Hide! A little Five Guys Burger & Fries send off.















May: Congrats to Gidget, Richard, and Renzo on their advancement!





August: Congratulations Dr. Burke for successfully defending your thesis! Tony will be working as a post doc for Assistant Professor Alon Gorodetsky in the UCI Chemical Engineering and Material Science Department.

















June: Congratulations, Dr. Gesinski!  Mike defended his dissertation today!  He will begin a postdoc in the Toste group in August.




















Mike, Chompoo, Tony, and Justin were all hooded by Scott today!


















May: Congratulations, Dr. Leong! Justin defended his dissertation today!