Group News

9/20/17 Congratulations to Alex for winning the ARCS Foundation Scholar Award! Fantastic recognition, well deserved!

10/15/16 Congratulations to James for earning the Allergan Fellowship! Congrats!

8/19/16 Congratulations to Jae (now Dr. Chung) for his excellent PhD thesis defense! Terrific job!

8/19/16 Congratulations to James and Davoud for their paper accepted by Macromolecules!

6/6/16 Congratulations to Nate for winning the Moore Award, and to Alan and Alex for outstanding TA award!

7/22/15 Zhibin was appointed as a CAS Overseas Expert by the Chinese Academy of Science.

7/16/15 Congrats to Jae for being awarded the Allergan Graduate Fellowship. Well deserved!

8/21/15 Congratulations to James and Hannah on your marriage, and best wishes for a happy life together forever.

8/14/15 Our collaboration with Prof. Bert Meijer on forced unfolding of single-chain nanoparticle was highlighted by Nature Chemistry. Congrats to the joint team!

8/4/15 Congrats to Mark, Hanxiang, and Nate for the acceptance of the paper on bolaamphiphiles for siRNA delivery by ACS Central Science. Fantastic work!

7/22/15 Zhibin was appointed a CAS Overseas Expert by the CAS Overseas Expert by the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science.

7/16/15 Congrats to Jae for being awarded the Allergan Graduate Fellowship. Well deserved!

7/14/15 Zhibin delivered a Speech at the graduation ceremony of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering , Peking University, China.

7/9/15 Congrats to Dong-Chu for receiving the 2015 Student Award from the American Institute of Chemists honoring outstanding graduate students majoring in the field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and/or Biochemistry. Congrats!

7/8/15 Congrats to Toby for passing the thesis defense! You did a great job, Dr. Friedberger!

7/8/15 Congrats to Nate for being awarded the prestigious NIH predoctoral fellowship! Way to go, Nate!

6/16/15 Welcome to Judy who will be joining us for the summer as an Allergan Undergraduate Research Fellow!

6/15/15 Congrats to Olivia for successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!

6/13/15 Congrats to Miguel, Olivia, and Tobi for being hooded at the commencement!

5/26/15 Congrats to James for passing the orals! Fantastic job!

5/21/15 Congratulations to Tobi for the Teaching Award and James for the Gebel Award! Fantastic!

5/6/15 Congrats to Olivia and Jae for the JACS Comm reporting the tune of boronic esters for dynamic/self-healing polymers!

5/6/15 Our collaboration with Prof. Bert Meijer and Prof. Nobu Hosono on single molecule force studies of single folded polymer is accepted by JACS. Congratulations to Aaron and Jae!

4/29/15 Our self-healing mechanochromic superlattice work is accepted by Advanced Materials. Congrats to Greg, Olivia, Jae, and our collaborator Prof. Takahara in Kyushu Univ.

4/1/15 Welcome to our visiting scholar Yoshio Nishimura!

2/26/15 Davoud defended his thesis on Feb 26th with a beautiful talk. Congratulations!

12/10/14 Welcome new graduate students Alex, Dong-Chu, and Eddy. I am very excited to work with you exploring new science!

11/04/14 Congratulation to Nate for being awarded the Allergan Graduate Fellowship! Fantastic!

10/29/14 Our recent JACS paper on Ruthenium-catalyzed chiral amination was highlighted by SYNFACTS. Congrats to Nate and Vy!

10/28/14 Davoud's communication on metal-ligand self-healing polymers was accepted by JACS. Congratulations!

9/12/14 Tobi received a Regents' Dissertation Fellowship! Congrats!

8/20/14 Congratulation to Jae and Aaron for their paper being accepted by Nature Materials! This is the first direct correlation of single molecule and bulk mechanical properties for polymers. Fantastic job!

8/18/14 Nate's JACS communication on catalytic synthesis of enantiopure amines was accepted. Congratulations!

6/10/14 LeeAnne won a SURP fellowship and an Allergan Undergraduate Research Fellowship! Great job!

5/21/14 Hanxiang defended his thesis with a fantastic talk. Congratulations!

5/16/14 Nate has passed his advancement exam. Fantastic job!

4/16/14 Congratulations to Tobi for his Ru olefin polymerization paper being published!

3/25/14 Congratulations to Nate for his first 1st author paper being accepted!

3/10/14 Congratulation to Hanxinag for accepting a great job offer from Axalta (formerly DuPont) in Wilmington, Delaware!

12/11/13 Welcome to the group, James Neal!

09/01/13 We are happy to hear that Yixuan accepted a great job offer from Intel in Portland, OR!

08/24/13 Davoud's paper on supramolecular amino acid guided peptide folding was accepted by Chemical Communication! Congratulations!

07/18/13 Congratulation to Abhay for being awarded the SURP Fellowship, as well as to Tim and Sergio for an Honorary SURP Fellowship!

06/03/13 Congrats to Sergio and Tim for both winning the Allergan Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

05/31/13 Congratulations to Hanixang for being awarded the Michael Zach graduate student award and Vanessa for winning an Excellent TA award! Well deserved!

05/24/13 Congratulations to Davoud for being awarded the UCI Pedagogical Fellowship!

05/24/13 Congrats to Yixuan for winning the School of Physical Sciences Faculty Endowed Fellowship!

05/16/13 Congratulation to Hannah L. for winning the Jayne Unzelman Scholarship!

05/02/13 Congrats to Miguel for his paper being accepted in Chemical Science! This is the first example to clearly show Ru as active species for insertion polymerization.

04/23/13 Congratulations to Hannah L. and Kevin for attending John Hopkins and UIUC for Ph.D. graduate studies!

03/15/13 Hanxiang's JACS paper about siRNA delivery and Yulin's Polymer Chemistry paper about self-healing core-shell particles were accepted! Congratulations!

01/25/13 Our paper about islet encapsulation, done in collaboration with City of Hope, was accepted by Biomaterials! Great Job, Sophia and Davoud!

01/15/13 Congratulations to Bhavin and Kevin for receiving the UROP fellowship!

12/12/12 Welcome to first-year graduate students Vanessa (Vanderbilt University) and Nate (University of Iowa) who joined our lab!

11/29/12 Congratulations to Dr. Yulin Chen for his successfull thesis defense!

11/18/12 Our work on self-healing materials is highlighted in Angewandte Chemie! Congratulations, Team Self-Healing!

11/14/12 And the Boeing Scholarship goes to: Kevin! Congratulations!

11/02/12 Congratulations to Justin and Tobi for passing their Advancement Exams!

10/11/12 Jens' and Aaron's Angewandte Chemie paper was selected as a Hot Paper by the editor. Congratulations!

08/17/12 Yi-Xuan's recent JACS paper got highlighted in C&EN News! Congratulations!

08/07/12 Jens and Aaron's paper on the first self-healing block copolymer got accepted to Angewandte Chemie! Good job!

08/07/12 Congratulations to Greg for being awarded the UC Regent's Dissertation Fellowship! Awesome news!

08/06/12 Congratulations to Yi-Xuan for the acceptance of his JACS paper reporting the first self-healing polymer using olefin metathesis for covalent C-C bond shuffling! Fantastic job!

06/18/12 Congratulations to Hannah L. for being selected as one of the two recipients of the Dean's leadership scholar award for the school of biological sciences. Fantastic!

06/14/12 Great news to share: Hannah N. is awarded the Allergan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and both Bhavin and Kevin are awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) fellowship. Look forward to a fun and productive summer!

06/01/12 Congratulations to Davoud and Justin for winning the department TA awards! Wonderful job!

05/09/12 Congratulations to Hanxiang for being selected to participate in the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium this summer!

05/07/12 Congratulations to Yixuan for his recent paper being accepted by JACS! Great job!

04/04/12 C&EN News highlights our recent work published in Nature Chemistry. Congrats to Yulin, Aaron & Greg!

02/08/12 Congratulations to Yulin, Aaron, and Greg for the acceptance of their self-healing polymer work by Nature Chemistry! Fantastic Job!

01/17/12 Our recent paper on new "clicked" fluoropolymer for microfluidics was highlighted as a "Hot Paper" by the Journal of Materials Chemistry. (link)

01/12/12 Congratulations to Kevin for being awarded the UROP fellowship!

12/14/11 Congratulations to Hanxiang for winning the Allergan Graduate Fellowship! Great job, Hanxiang!

12/09/11 Please join me to welcome Juliet and Jae for officially joining our group! This adds another reason for us to celebrate at the Christmas party next Saturday.

10/10/11 Please join me to congratulate Yulin for being awarded the Regent's Dissertation Fellowship!

06/03/11; Great news from our undergraduates! Bryan has won the prestigious "Outstanding Senior in Chemistry" award this year, and he is heading for graduate school at Stanford this fall. As you probably have heard, Max has garnered an envious job offer from HP in San Diego. Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors!

02/01/11 Please join me to welcome Lisa, Olivia, Jason, Justin, Mark, and Tobias for officially joining our group. I'm very excited to work with you exploring new science!

01/18/11 Aaron's comprehensive review article on biomimetic polymer design has been accepted by Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations to Aaron! It's a tour de force effort that critically reviewed >450 references.

01/11/11 The manuscript of Kanika, Ting-Bin and Sophia on stem cell studies in our saccharide-peptide 3D hydrogels is accepted by Biomacromolecules. Congratulations!

12/21/10 Hanxiang's communication to JACS is accepted, congratulation! It's a wonderful Christmas gift. Great job, Hanxiang!

12/21/10 Join me to congratulate Yulin & Fei for having a new baby girl. Little Baiqing joined our world on Saturday, Dec 18. Jane and I have met the baby: she is absolutely adorable! Both mom and baby are very healthy. Congratulations!

10/21/10 Guobin's recent paper entitled "Synthesis and Investigation of Core-Shell Dendritic Nanoparticles with Tunable Thermosensitivity" is accepted by Macromolecules. Congratulations for the great work!

10/18/10 Congratulations to Yixuan for publishing his first paper entitled "Helical polymers based on intramolecularly hydrogen-bonded aromatic polyamides" in the Chemical Communication of the Royal Chemical Society. Keep going with the excellent work!

09/21/10 Congratulations to Ting-Bin for being awarded the UC Regent's Dissertation Fellowship! Great job, well-deserved!

06/18/10 Welcome to our summer graduate researchers Tobias and Dave, as well as our summer undergraduate researchers Juan and Miguel!

06/17/10 Please join me to congratulate Guobin & Yonghua for becoming proud new parents! Little William Jiayang Sun was born early this morning. Both mom and baby (and of course dad) are doing fine. Pictures to follow soon!

05/13/10 Guobin's recent work is featured by the chief editor as the cover for Macromolecules. Congratulations to Guobin!

04/20/10 Guobin's paper "Cascade Chain-Walking Polymerization to Generate Large Dendritic Nanoparticles" is accepted as a Communication to Macromolecules. Congratulations to Guobin!

Yulin's recent JACS Communication "Bio-inspired Modular Synthesis of Elastin-mimic Polymers to Probe the Mechanism of Elastin Elasticity" is selected by the Department of Energy for a research highlight. Congratulations to Yulin!

03/09/10 Yulin's recent Communication to JACS titled "Bio-inspired Modular Synthesis of Elastin-mimic Polymers to Probe the Mechanism of Elastin Elasticity" was accepted! Please join me to congratulate him!

12/11/09 Aaron was awarded the UC Regent's Dissertation Fellowship! Congratulation! This will facilitate Aaron to develop a first-rated Ph.D. dissertation in the near future.

12/08/09 One of our former group members, Dr. Drexel Camacho, becomes Professor Camacho at De La Salle University, one of the best universities in the Philippines! Please join me in congratulating Drexel and wish him the best with his academic career! Drexel made critical contributions to the development of our famous cyclophane catalyst in 2004.

12/01/09 Dora's manuscript is accepted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS). Please join me in congratulating Dora and wishing her the best at Stanford!

10/21/09 Sophia & Ting-Bin's paper titled "De Novo Design of Saccharide-Peptide Hydrogels as Synthetic Scaffolds for Tailored Cell Responses" is accepted to JACS. This is an important milestone for our biomaterials for tissue engineering studies. Congratulation to Sophia and Ting-Bin! Great job, keep going!

09/14/09 Our web gurus, Greg, Hanxiang, and Ying-Wei have done a fantastic job in re-designing our group web site! It looks very nice and professional. Thanks for all the creativity, high standard, and hard work. Let's give them a big applause!

08/09/09 Congratulations to Sophia and Alan for becoming proud new parents! We are so pleased that both mom and baby are very healthy! Enjoy your precious time with the baby, and best wishes to Evelyn for her healthy development!

07/24/09 Chris Popeney's two recent papers based on his Ph.D. thesis studies were accepted by J. Am. Chem. Soc. and Organometallics, respectively. The Organometallics paper reports a new catalyst design and the JACS paper details a thorough mechanistic investigation on our cyclophane-based catalyst for polar olefin copolymerization. Congratulations to Chris and enjoy your stay in Europe!

07/17/09 Congratulations to Yingwei and Yanyan on the arrival of their new baby girl, Brea! We are so happy that both mom and baby are healthy. Enjoy the precious moment in your life and pass our best wishes to Brea and your family!

06/28/09 Our recent communication to J. Am. Chem. Soc. on biomimetic adaptive polymers has been highlighted by both C&EN News and Nature Chemistry . Join me to congratulate Aaron, Greg, and John!

05/28/09 We have had a banner year of award winners! Marie Palmquist won the prestigious department staff award, Greg won the Excellent TA award, Hiro won the Michael Zach graduate student award, and Aaron is the recipient of the Moore award of organic chemistry. Please give them a big applause! Great job, keep going!

05/22/09 Aaron's recent communication to JACS titled "A Biomimetic Modular Polymer with Tough and Adaptive Properties" was accepted! John Vossler and Greg Williams also make contributions to it. Please join me to congratulate them all! Great job, keep going!

05/08/09 Congratulations to Ting-Bin! His recent Angewandte Chemie paper was recommended by Prof. Tim Swager at MIT to SYNFACTS as a high impact paper!

05/06/09 Congratulations to Kanika who recently got married! We wish you happiness in the years to come!

03/19/09 Please join me in congratulating Ting-Bin for being awarded the Allergen Graduate Fellowship! This is in recognition of Ting-Bin's recent hot paper in Angew Chemie and his outstanding performance in lab and in classes. Great job, Ting-Bin!

12/23/08 Ting-Bin's recent communication to Angewandte Chemie was selected as a Hot Paper by the editors for "the importance in a rapidly evolving field of high current interest." Excellent job, and congratulations to Ting-Bin!

12/03/08 Prof. Guan was awarded the distinction of AAAS Fellow . Thanks for the group's contributions, and the cheers belong to you!

11/10/08 Ting-Bin's communication - "Click" to Fold: Cycloaddition-Promoted Self-Assembly of a Polymer into Well-Defined beta-Sheets and Hierarchical Nanofibrils - was accepted by Angew Chemie for publication. Please join me in congratulating Ting-Bin for this nice work! This is an important milestone in our peptide assembly material project.

10/10/08 Congratulations to Dora for being recognized with an Oral Presentation Award at the 2008 SACNAS National Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.

10/12/08 Congratulations to Dr. Drexel Camacho, a Guan Group Alumni, for recent recognition by the Philippine government. Drexel was selected as one of 10 Outstanding Young Scientists and also awarded the Third World Academy of Science (TWAS) Young Scientist Award .

07/11/08 Here is recent news from my former bosses:
Joe DeSimone (PhD advisor) just won the 2008 Lemelson-MIT Prize:
Frances Arnold (postdoc advisor) was elected to National Academy of Sciences this year. This makes her the 1st woman scientist to be inducted in 3 national academies (science, engineering, and medicine):

Let's cheer for our academic family. We have long way to go, so let's move on!

06/27/08 Congratulations to Dora for acceptance of her and Jason's paper titled "Using steered molecular dynamics simulations and single-molecule force spectroscopy to guide the rational design of biomimetic modular polymeric materials" by the journal Polymer! I should credit Dora for all the SMD computational work and also orchestrating the whole manuscript writing effort.

06/14/08 Congratulations to our undergraduates: John Vossler, Eric Richard, and Chris Levins for completing their bachelors degree. John will be attending Wake Forest Medical School in the fall, Chris is starting his new job at the end of the month, and Eric is currently on the job market. Good luck to all and best wishes!

06/09/08 Congratulations to our newest Ph.D.: Dr. Chris Popeney !

06/02/08 Congratulations to Chris Levins for accepting a job offer at Gilead Sciences as a Research Associate! Chris conducted undergraduate research in our lab working with Dennis, Chris Popeney, and Aaron.

05/31/08 Congratulations to Chris Popeney for winning the Joan Rowland Graduate Student Award.

05/22/08 Congratulations to Dennis for acceptance of his manuscript to JACS, titled: "Axial Coordinating Ligands: A New Strategy for Late Transition Metal Olefin Polymerization Catalysis".

01/18/08 Congratulations to Yulin & Fei on the arrival of their new baby, Catherine!

01/02/08 Congratulations to Aaron for being granted the Eli Lilly Graduate Fellowship.

12/10/07 Congratulations to Hiro for acceptance of his manuscript to Biomacromolecules:"Living Ring-Opening Polymerization of a Carbohydrate-Derived Lactone for the Synthesis of Protein Resistant Biomaterials".

10/22/07 Congratulations to Aaron for the acceptance of his JACS Communication: "Biomimetic Design of Reversibly Unfolding Cross-linker to Enhance Mechanical Properties of 3D Network Polymers".

09/11/07 Congratulations to Chris Popeney for winning the Regent's Dissertation Fellowship! This is in recognition of Chris' excellent academic achievement.

07/12/07 Please join me in congratulating Chris for the acceptance of his JACS Communication: "Efficient Incorporation of Polar Comonomers in Copolymerizations with Ethylene Using a Cyclophane-Based Pd (II) alpha-Diimine Catalyst".

06/21/07 Please join me in congratulating Dora for winning the NIH Predoctoral Fellowship. This is a very competitive and prestigious award. Congratulations!

06/06/07 Congratulations to Dr. Fiona Lin for being awarded the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program Postdoctoral Fellowship. Also, Eric Richard was awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowship.

05/31/07 Congratulations to Dora for winning the Biomedical Informatics Training (BIT) Fellowship.

04/23/07 Congratulations to Vahe Gabuchian on his acceptance to CalTech for graduate school. Vahe spent a couple of quarters doing research in our lab working with Aaron.

04/10/07 Please join me in congratulating Dora for the following travel awards:

1. ACS Women Chemists Committee Travel award (sponsored by Eli Lilly) for attending the ACS meeting in Boston this August

2. Selected to participate in the Procter & Gamble Research & Technical Careers in Industry Conference in June