Department of Chemistry

Group News

October 2017


Dr. Chad T. Palumbo successfully defends!  Congratulations!


August 2017


David H. Woen wins the DOE SCGSR Fellowship!  Congratulations!


July 2017


Dr. Cory Windorff successfully defends!  Congratulations!


June 2017


Undergraduate Mary Angadol wins the SURP and has been awarded a UROP fellowship from UCI.  Congratulations!


Chad Palumbo presents at the Rare-Earth Research Conference at Ames, Iowa

Prof. Bill Evans hosts visiting students from Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School with group members Megan, Sam, Austin and Dan assisting with chemistry demos

Group members Chad, David, Megan, Austin and Dan engage non-science major UCI students in outreach activities

April 2017


Undergraduate Mary Angadol joins the Evans Group


Graduate students Cory Windorff, Chad Palumbo, David Woen, Austin Ryan, and Dan Huh present at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, CA


December 2016


Graduate student Tener Jenkins joins the Evans Group


November 2016


Visiting Scholar

Mitch Nascimento joins us from University of Windsor