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Group News

May 2022

Dr. Justin Wedal successfully defends his thesis and is awarded the E. K. C. Lee award for most outstanding graduate student the next day!


April 2022

Three papers on U and Th chemistry from Justin have been published in the last two months!


Justin receives the UCI Dissertation Fellowship and an Honorable Mention for UCI's Most Promising Future Faculty Award!


March 2022

Jessica White, in collaboration with the National High Magnetic Field Lab at FSU, published their work on an observed clock transition in a Lu(II) molecular spin qubit with record hyperfine interaction in Nature Chemistry!


January 2022


Postdoctoral scholar Cary Stennett and undergraduate Brynn Turpin join the group!


December 2021


Working with LANL, Sierra's work on actinides-in-crypt is extended to Np and Pu


November 2021


24 authors across three locations leads to the first Cf metallocene structure, published in Nature


A collaboration with Hill Harman at UC Riverside on Sm-boranthracene N2 reduction has been published in Dalton Transactions


October 2021


Bill's retrospective on rare-earth chemistry and thinking outside the box has been published in JACS. Please take a look! 



It's been a busy two months of writing! Four different papers from Sierra, Will, Amanda, and Justin on Ba-in-crypt, Ln(II) XPS, Gd(II) reacitivty, and U(II) electron configurations, have recently been published





Updated June 2022