Department of Chemistry

Group News

June 2019


Dr. Megan Dumas successfully defends!  Congratulations!


Postdoctoral fellow Song Xu joins the Evans group


April 2019


Dan Huh presents at the 257th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Orlando, FL


Dan Huh is awarded an

ACS travel grant


December 2018


Megan Dumas, Dan Huh, Tener Jenkins, Jessica White, and Erin Hanada conduct demonstrations for students from Sierra Intermediate School


Graduate students Amanda Chung and Sierra Ciccone join the

 Evans Group


October 2018


Dan Huh presents at the 65th American Vacuum Society International Meeting in Long Beach, CA


August 2018


Megan Dumas and Sam Moehring present at the 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston, MA


June 2018


 Students from Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School visit the Evans Group with group members assisting with chemistry demos

Evans group members engage non-science major UCI students in outreach activities

March 2018


Austin Ryan presents at the UC Chemical Symposium at Lake Arrowhead


Austin Ryan and Dan Huh present at the 255th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans, LA


Visiting Scholars

Katie Harriman and

María Joaquina Beltrán Leiva join the Evans Group


December 2017


Graduate students Justin Wedal, Erin Hanada, and Jessica White join the Evans Group


Dr. David H. Woen successfully defends!  Congratulations!


November 2017


Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Pan Feng joins the Evans Group


Former member Dr. Nate Allen featured on C&EN news!


October 2017


Dr. Chad T. Palumbo successfully defends!  Congratulations!


August 2017


David H. Woen wins the DOE SCGSR Fellowship!  Congratulations!


July 2017


Dr. Cory Windorff successfully defends!  Congratulations!