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Optics II: Way of matter and advanced spectroscopy (chem 249)

1. Resonance: classical approach

Material equations
Optical wave in isoptropic media
Dispersion of light
Origin of refractive index
Optical resonance from classical perspective pdf
Absortion of light
Bougert-Lambert-Beer law from classical perspective pdf

2. Resonance: pre-quantum mechanical approach

Planck's constant and photoelectric effect pdf
Planck formula
Planck formula by Bohr and Einstein pdf
Connection of Einstein’s coefficients with macroscopic parameters of media
Bougert-Lambert-Beer law from quantum mechanical perspective pdf
h dimensionality and de Broglie wavelength pdf

3. Resonance: quantum mechanical approach

Molecules degrees of freedom: translation, rotation, vibration
Translation: particle in a box model pdf
Rotation and rigid rotor model
Shrodinger equation for rotor and its solutions, Wavefunction
Lagrange polynomials
Rotor energies
Quantum numbers and selection rules pdf
Vibrations and harmonic oscillator
Shrodinger equation for harmonic oscillator and its solutions. Wavefunction.
Hermite polynomials pdf
Harmonic oscillator energies pdf
Rotation and vibration coupling pdf
Jablonski diagram
Franck-Condon Principle pdf

4. Time-dependent perturbation: theory of everything

Time-dependent Shrodinger equation
Time evolution of wavefunction and predicting the future
Optical resonance from quantum mechanical perspective
Fermi Golden Rule pdf and visualization

5. Fourier transformation: (x,p) and (w,t) languages, uncertanty principle

Classical and quantum understanding of spectral width
Energy language and time language. Space and momentum.
Uncertainty priniciple form classical and quantum perspectives. pdf
Disperssion and diffraction use for spectral expansion

6. Light, chirality and structure

Classical approach to optical anisotropy pdf
Polarization state of light and how to make it chiral pdf
Natural rotation of polarization. Phenomenological approach by Fresnel.
Optical activity and dichroism pdf

7. Elastic light scattering

Huygens principle and scattering by particulate matter, Rayleigh-Tyndall scattering
Understanding the directionality of dipole emission
The wonders of Mie theory pdf and modelling

8. Inelastic scattering: the role of energy and momentum

Photoeffect. Einstein's doubts.
Rutgherford expeirments and Thomson scattering
Compton experiments and Compton scattering
Raman expeirments
Mandelshtam-Landsberg experiments and theory. Combinational scattering of light: Stokes (Raman) and anti-Stokes scattering.
Vibrational vs electronic Raman scattering
Concept of optical antenna
Dielectric function, field localization and momentum expansion pdf

9. Spectroscopy of unequilibrated systems in ultrafast time domain

Einstein coefficients and negative absortion coefficient.
Physics of inverse population
Boltzman thermodynamics for two vs three level system pdf
Principle of qunatum light amplifiers: solid state lasers, gas lasers, dye lasers
Idea of Q-switch
Generation of ultrafast optical pulses: mechanical analogue of mode synchronization and locking
General principle of time-resolved spectroscopy
Brief trip into nonlinear optics: idea of parametric process on example of pendulum pdf
Second harmonic generation, optical parametric amplification, white light continuum, difference frequency generation
Pump-probe and its applications
THz time-domain spectroscopy
Time-resolved emission techniques