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Optics for dummies

1. Electro-magnetic nature of light: Maxwell equations

2. Harmonic oscillator and light polarization

3. Spectrum of radiation and Fourier transformation

4. Nature of spectral broadening

5. Light propagation in isotropic media: dispersion

6. Absorption of electro-magnetic radiation

7. Group velosity

8. Reflection and refraction: boundary between two dielectrics

9. Reflection and refraction: boundary between two conductors

10. Coherence: interference of light

11. Diffraction of light

12. Geometrical optics: Ferma principle

13. Light propagation in anisotropic media: dielectric tensor

14. Light scattering: Mie and nonlinear scattering

15. Black body radiation

16. Planck formula: Einstein approach

17. Einstein coefficients and macroscopic parameters

18. Principles of laser

19. Principles of nonlinear optics