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  Principle Investigator      


Dmitry A. Fishman

Adjunct Professor

e-mail: dmitryf (at) uci.edu

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  Senior researchers      



Yryx Yanet Luna Palacios

Postdoctoral Scholar

ylunapal (at) uci.edu

Research interests: Biophotonics, linear and  nonlinear microscopy, wide-field microscopy. sum frequency generation, spectroscopy, non-degenerate two photon absorption and optical modeling.




Aleks Noskov

Associate Specialist

Research interests: Nonlinear optics, non-degenerate two photon absortion, photon momentum enhanced light-matter inyeraction, 3D nanofabrication



Graduate students




Jovany Merham

Junior Specialist

jmerham (at) uci.edu

Research interests: Enhanced light-matter interaction, photon momentum, spatial optical spectroscopy, mathematical methods and Tikhonov regularization






Evan Garcia

Graduate student

evanpg (at) uci.edu


Research interests: IR hyperspectral imaging, bioimaging and in situ tissue dynamics, IR OCT




Marcus Marracci

Graduate student (jointly with Murray Lab)

mmarracc (at) uci.edu


Research interests: Single droplet spectroscopy in time and frequency domain, time-resolved CARS and Raman, THz time-domain spectroscopies on anti-ferromagnetic systems





Undergraduate students




Siyang Wang

Undergraduate student

siyangw3 (at) uci.edu

Research interests: Structural enhancement of optical nonlinearities in direct and indirect semiconductors.




High school internship





Isabelle Du

Flintridge Preapratry School

Research interests: nonlinear optics