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AirUCI Summer Workshop in Environmental Chemistry for Science Teachers

UCI Course Code: CHEM X416
Credits: 6 quarter credits (through UCI Extension)
Quarters: Summer Quarters 2005-2014
Start and End Dates for the Next Course: Friday, June 20 - Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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2014 Lab Manuals, Prelabs, and Postlabs

Lab title Lab Manual Prelab Postlab
Using Spartan to Investigate the Molecular Properties of Atmospherically Relevant Greenhouse Gases Manual Prelab Postlab
Modeling of Air Pollution in the Los Angeles Basin with Air PSE Manual Prelab n/a
FTIR Determination of MTBE in Gasoline and Ethanol in Vodka and Mouthwash Manual Prelab Postlab
GC/MS Analysis of Ethanol and Benzene in Gasoline Manual Prelab Postlab
HPLC Measurement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Cigarette Smoke Manual Prelab Postlab
LIBS Analysis of Metal Surfaces Manual Prelab Postlab
Ability of Catalytic Converters to Reduce NOx Air Pollution Manual Prelab Postlab




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