Rowland Endowed Chair and Fellowship Fund
An endowed chair and fellowship fund will facilitate the opportunity to recruit and retain the world's premier chemists and students to build on UCI's tradition of world-changing research. Learn more about the campaign for an Endowed Chair & Fellowship Fund In Honor of Professor F. Sherwood Rowland at
Chemists discover ozone-boosting reaction
AirUCI is an Environmental Molecular Sciences Institute funded by the National Science Foundation. Director Barbara Finlayson-Pitts and colleagues found new chemistry that increases ozone formation, missing from existing models of choking smog.
Creating a buzz
UC Irvine researchers have developed the first "plastic antibodies" successfully employed in live organisms - stopping the spread of bee venom through the bloodstream of mice.
Looking for a molecular Waldo?
Finding one molecule among billions is tough, but graduate student Adam Bateman manages using a sensitive cavity ring-down spectrometer.

Message from Chair Reginald Penner

September 28, 2015

Today is the first day of classes for Fall Quarter 2015. This freshmen class is our fiftieth since the founding of UCI in 1965. Earlier this month, we also welcomed 31 new graduate students to our fiftieth graduate class in the Department. In the fall of 1965, we had only three! This data is pulled from a wonderful recollection of the history of UCI Chemistry authored by Hal Moore, that you can download here: (small version 7MB, large version 238MB)

In fifty years, Chemistry has grown from a faculty of 7, to a faculty of 49 and a ranking in the top 25 nationwide. The 7 founders who put us on the path to success were: Dave Brant, Don Bunker, Marjorie Caserio, Ed K.C. Lee, Hal Moore, F. Sherry Rowland (the first chair of Chemistry), and Bob Taft. Dave, Hal, and Marjorie will celebrate with us next week at a Founder's Day celebration on the UCI campus. We also welcome our newest faculty: Jim Smith, an atmospheric chemist from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and Michael Green, a bioinorganic chemist formerly of Penn State University.

As a Department, we focus on our goals for the future but in this golden anniversary year, we are also celebrating our history, especially the very special people who launched our Department 50 years ago today.


Dendritic bolaamphiphiles
 Guan Lab deliver siRNA into cells.
Surface enzyme chemistries 2
ultrasensitive microarray biosensing with SPR imaging from Corn Lab