Photograph of unique particle flow tube in Finlayson-Pitts laboratory
This custom-designed and built apparatus allows the study of the formation and growth of particles from the reactions of precursor gases under controlled conditions relevant to the atmosphere.  This flow tube has been highlighted on the Scientific American website as one of ten important atmospheric science experiments.  It requires a group effort to clean.
Creating a buzz
UC Irvine researchers have developed the first "plastic antibodies" successfully employed in live organisms - stopping the spread of bee venom through the bloodstream of mice.
Rowland Endowed Chair and Fellowship Fund
An endowed chair and fellowship fund will facilitate the opportunity to recruit and retain the world's premier chemists and students to build on UCI's tradition of world-changing research. Learn more about the campaign for an Endowed Chair & Fellowship Fund In Honor of Professor F. Sherwood Rowland at
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Message from Chair Reginald Penner

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Sergey Pronin will join our faculty as an Assistant Professor on July 1, 2014! Sergey is an exceptional organic chemist with interests in complex natural product synthesis and methodology development. He is presently a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Ryan Shenvi at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. Sergey received his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago working with Professor Sergey Kozmin. His research program at UCI will focus on the synthesis of medicinally relevant secondary metabolites and development of new synthetic methods. Many of the molecules Sergey targets in his program are anticipated to have anticancer activity and he looks forward to collaborations with our Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center ( Sergey will be delighted to hear from any prospective graduate students with interests in organic synthesis ( We look forward to welcoming Sergey and his wife Olesya to UCI in July!

Research Highlights

nanocone graphic
Inspired by moth eyeballs, Prof. Robert Corn and his group have developed a gold coating that dims glare and repels water. The results have been...
A new way to reduce errors in DFT calculations has been developed by quantum chemists at Yonsei Univeristy in collaboration with the Burke group....