Looking for a molecular Waldo?
Finding one molecule among billions is tough, but graduate student Adam Bateman manages using a sensitive cavity ring-down spectrometer.
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Imaging the inner workings of single molecules
Professor Ara Apkarian and colleagues are attempting to take time-lapse images of single molecules. His team was awarded $20 million from the National Science Foundation.  UC Irvine scientists hope to make the first ever real-time videos of single molecules in action - a feat that has so far proved elusive, because the size and time scales are so small.
Going for gold
Gold nanowires can activate a credit card or launch a missile. Ervin Meneses, a 17-year old summer intern, grows gold-coated filaments 1,000th the width of a human hair. 

Message from Chair Reginald Penner

November 18, 2014

Our department's interest in Atmospheric Chemistry dates back to the 1974 paper of Sherry Rowland and Mario Molina on stratospheric ozone depletion by chlorofluorocarbons, which led to their 1995 Nobel Prize. AirUCI is a campus research unit (partly funded by NSF) which focuses on the chemistry and physics of the troposphere, including the influence of air pollutants on human health.

Now I am excited to announce a new initiative. Our aim is to create a truly global understanding of sources, sinks and chemistry of airborne particles, and their impacts on human health, visibility, and climate. We will identify and hire three world-class Atmospheric scientists in Chemistry. (Others will be hired in Earth System Sciences and the school of Medicine.)

With best regards,
Reg Penner

Research Highlights

sergey highlight
In a recent PNAS paper, the Nizkorodov group showed that the rates of photodegradation of environmental toxins may differ dramatically in highly...
Guan TOC
In a recent Nature Materials article, the Guan group has established for the first time a direct correlation of single-molecule properties with bulk...