Guan Group
Alumnus (Linkedin) Graduated Degree Current Position
Dong-Chu Yang 2019 Ph. D. High School teaching academy.
Alex Eldridge 2019 Ph. D. Chemist at 3M
James Neal 2018 Ph. D. Chemist at Hewlett Packerd
Nathan Oldenhuis 2017 Ph. D. Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT
Jaeyoon Chung 2016 Ph. D. Chemist at Provivi, Inc.
Eddy Zhao 2016 M.S. Chemist at Kurepro, Inc.
Justin Crumrine 2016 Ph. D. Senior Research Scientist at West Coast Development
Mark Johnson 2016 Ph. D. Staff Scientist at Tricida, Inc.
Tobias Friedberger 2015 Ph. D. Senior Scientist, Tricida, Inc.
Oliva Cromwell 2015 Ph. D. PhD Professional Developement Program, BASF
Davoud Mozhdehi 2015 Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Syracuse Univeristy
Miguel A. Camacho Fernandez 2014 Ph. D. Senior Research Scientist, Signal Hill Petroleum
Hanxiang Zeng 2014 Ph. D. Senior Research Chemist, Axalta
Yi-Xuan Lu 2014 Ph. D. Manager at Intel
Gregory A. Williams 2013 Ph. D. Section Manager at Behr Inc.
Yulin Chen 2012 Ph. D. Research Scientist at Rice University
Jason Lusk 2012 M.S. Senior Chemist at Cascade Custom Chemistry
Sophia Liao 2011 Ph. D. Research Associate at Baxter Bioscience
Ting-Bin Yu 2011 Ph. D. Sr. Scientist at B. Braun Medical, Inc.
Guobin Sun 2010 Ph. D. Senior Development Manager at Covestro Polymers
Hiromitsu Urakami 2010 Ph. D. Editorial Developmental Manager at Royal Society of Chemistry, Japan
Dora Guzman 2009 Ph. D. Director of Operations, Family Wealth Management
Chris Popeney 2008 Ph. D. Lead Chemist, Nalco Champion
Xiangnan Wu 2008 M.S. Researcher at Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences
Mark Metzke 2006 Ph. D. Associate, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP
Jason Roland 2006 Ph. D. Research Scientist at Norvatis Research Institute
Guanghui Chen 2005 Ph. D. Senior Research Chemist at DuPont
Eric Salo 2004 M.S. CEO at Design & Security Systems Inc.
Xin Ji 2004 M.S.