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Published Conference Proceedings

Adam Hanninen and Eric O. Potma, "Rapid hyperspectral , vibrationally resonant sum-frequency generation microscopy", Proc. SPIE 10069, 100692H1-6 (2017). [pdf]

Junghoon Jahng, Faezeh Tork Ladani, Ryan Muhammad Khan, and Eric O. Potma, "Photo-induced force for spectroscopic imaging at the nanoscale," Proc. SPIE 9764, 97641J1-8 (2016) [pdf]

Mihaela Balu, Hideharu Mikami, Jue Hou, Eric O. Potma, and Bruce J. Tromberg, "Large field of view multiphoton microscopy of human skin," Proc. SPIE 9712, 9712F1-7 (2016) [pdf]

Mihaela Balu, Gangjun Liu, Zhongping Chen, Bruce J. Tromberg, and Eric O. Potma, "Scheme for efficient fiber-based CARS probe", Proc. SPIE 7569 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA 2010) 75693A. [pdf]

Hyunmin Kim, Tatyana Sheps, David K. Taggart, Philip G. Collins, Reginald M. Penner, and Eric O. Potma, "Coherent anti-Stokes generation from single nanostructures", Proc. SPIE 7183, 718312 1-8 (2009). [pdf]

Tommaso Baldacchini, Max Zimmerley, Eric O. Potma, and Ruben Zadoyan, "Chemical mapping of three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization using CARS microscopy", Proc. SPIE 7201, 72010Q1-Q10 (2009) [pdf]

Max Zimmerley, Hyunmin Kim, Desiré Whitmore, Vishnu Vardhan Krishnamachari, Carole Hayakawa, Bernard Choi, Vasan Venugopalan and Eric O. Potma, "Making CARS better", Proc. SPIE 6853, 68530S1-S8 (2008) [pdf]

Ji-Xin Cheng, Eric O. Potma and Sunney X. Xie, "Recent advances on Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy", Proc. SPIE 4620, 248-258 (2002).

David J. Jones, Eric O. Potma, Ji-Xin Cheng, Jun Ye and X. Sunney Xie, "Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy with near-infrared ps pulses synchronized within 20 fs", in Ultrafast Phenomena XIII, R.D. Miller, M.M. Murnane, N.F. Scherer and A.M. Weiner (Eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin, 184-186 (2002).

Eric O. Potma, Wim P. De Boeij and Douwe A. Wiersma, "Intracellular water diffusion probed by femtosecond nonlinear CARS microscopy", in Ultrafast Phenomena XII, T. Elsaessar, S. Mukamel, M.M. Murnane and N.F. Scherer (Eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin, 251-255 (2000).



Potma Labs, Department of Chemistry, Natural Sciences II, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697