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Potma Labs Publications (2018)

J. R. Paugh, A. Alfonso-Garcia, A. L. Nguyen,J. L. Suhalim, M. Farid, S. Garg, J. Tao, D. J. Brown, E. O. Potma, J. V. Jester, "Characterization of expressed human meibum using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy," Ocular Surf., in press (2018). [link]

A. M. Hanninen, R. C. Prince, R. Ramos, M. V. Plikus, E. O. Potma, "High-resolution infrared imaging of biological samples with third-order sum-frequency generation microscopy," Biomed. Opt. Express 9(10), 4807-4817 (2018). [link]

J. Jahng, E. O. Potma, E. S. Lee, "Tip-enhanced thermal expansion force for nanoscale chemical imaging and spectroscopy in photoinduced force microscopy," Anal. Chem. 90(18), 11054-11061 (2018). [link]

K. T. Crampton, A. Fast, E. O. Potma, V. A. Apkarian, "Junction plasmon driven population inversion of molecular vibrations: a picosecond surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy study," Nano Lett. 18(9), 5791-5796 (2018). [link]

A. Hanninen, R. C. Prince, E. O. Potma, "Triple modal coherent nonlinear imaging with vibrational contrast," IEEE J. Sel. Quant. Electron. 25(1), DOI (2018). [pdf]

S. M. Kim, T. T. Nguyen, A. Ravi, P. Kubiniok, B. T. Finicle, V. Jayashankar, L. Malacrida, J. Hou, J. Robertson, D. Gao, J. Chernoff, M. A. Digman, E. O. Potma, B. J. Tromberg, P. Thibault, A. L. Edinger, "PTEN deficiency and AMPK activation promote nutrient scavenging and anabolism in prostate cancer cells," Cancer Discov., DOI (2018).

J. Zeng, M. Kamandi, M. Darvishzadeh-Varcheie, M. Albooyeh, M. Veysi, C. Guclu, M. Hanifeh, M. Rajaei, E. O. Potma, H. K. Wickramasinghe, F. Capolino, "In pursuit of photo-induced magnetic and chiral microscopy", EPJ Appl. Metamat. 5(7) DOI (2018).

J. Hou, J. Williams, E. L. Botvinick, E. O. Potma, B. J. Tromberg, "Visualization of breast cancer metabolism using multimodal non-linear optical microscopy of cellular lipids and redox state," Cancer Res. 78, 2503-2512 (2018). [link]

J. P. Kenison, A. Fast, B. M. Matthews, R. M. Corn, E. O. Potma, "Particle sensing with confined optical field enhanced fluorescence emission (Cofefe)," Opt. Express 26(10), 12959-12969 (2018). [link]

J. E. Friedman, E. Dobrinskikh, A. Alfonso-Garcia, A. Fast, R. C. Jansen, A .L. Anderson, J. A. Reisz, A. D'Alessandro, D. N. Frank, C. E. Robertson, B. A. de la Houssaye, L. K. Johnson, D. J. Orlicky, X. X. Wang, M. Levi, E. O. Potma, K. C. El Kasmi, K. R. Jonscher, "PQQ prevents developmental programming of microbial dysbiosis and macrophage polarization to attenuate liver fibrosis in obese mice," Hepatology Comm. 2(3), 313-323 (2018). [link]



Potma Labs, Department of Chemistry, Natural Sciences II, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697