“The research that led Sherry Rowland to become a public figure began with curiosity.” Indeed, as Professor F. Sherwood “Sherry” Rowland himself stated in his Nobel biography, “I have deliberately followed a policy of trying to instill some freshness into our research efforts by every few years extending our work into some new, challenging aspect of chemistry.” It is this curiosity and commitment to new scientific frontiers that inspired Professor Rowland to create a graduate student fellowship and has inspired others to contribute in his name in order to someday create an Endowed Chair and Fellowship fund in Sherry’s honor.


Rowland Fellows are selected based on academic record as well as a compelling research interest that they are passionate about sharing with others. Support is for two quarters and the recipient is asked to provide updates on significant research milestones to the department throughout their career. These updates are reflected on the department’s website and serve as a reminder of the contributions Professor Rowland, and others that have generously contributed in his name, have made to the field and the Department of Chemistry at UCI.


The Rowland Fellowship will allow an upper-level (post-advancement) Chemistry doctoral student to broaden their training. The student is expected to propose an original research idea that goes beyond that being done by their advisor, and ideally that involves significant input from an adviser in another research area. Examples include:

  • A student who is working on experiments studying the effects of point mutations on the properties of proteins proposes to design and carry out a computer simulation study to interpret the student's experimental data.

  • A student working on a development of a theoretical description of a new class of compounds to participate in synthesis of model compounds in an experimental group to test the theory.

  • A student working on the experimental measurement of atmospheric particle formation/aging proposes a modeling study to interpret their experimental data.

  • A student working on a synthesis of a new compound proposes to study its catalytic properties in a group specializing on catalysis.

The choice of research and combination of disciplines is up to the student. This goal is in keeping with the vision that Dr. Rowland espoused: science should push boundaries and cut across traditional disciplines. Researchers who are comfortable working across disciplines will be in a better position to address societal needs.


Chemistry doctoral students in good standing are eligible to apply for the Fellowship. Fellows should already be well along the path to completing their doctoral work. The application requires an endorsement from the student’s adviser that the proposed work will strengthen the student's dissertation while fitting within the student’s current research plans and timeline to degree.

Application process

Candidates should submit their curriculum vitae, a one page proposal describing the research plan including names of advisors/collaborators, and the project’s expected contribution to the student’s doctoral dissertation. The plan should be developed in consultation with the student's adviser and additional advisors as needed. Applications should include letters of support from student’s primary advisor and at least one secondary advisor, and include confirmation that the necessary resources (space, time, etc.) are available.

It is expected that research conducted with fellowship support will lead to journal publications and/or will be included in the student's dissertation. The fellowship will be acknowledged in all publications and dissertations. The published paper and/or parts of the dissertation that describe the fellowship work will be submitted to the Department of Chemistry to be added to a webpage that will showcase the impacts of this fellowship.

The fellowship will provide funding for two quarters, winter and spring, 2020. Selection will be made by a committee of Chemistry faculty, based on the scientific merit of the proposals and the committee's expectation that the work will strengthen the student's dissertation.

Apply at: https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/rowland_fellowship_19_20 by November 15, 2019.


If you would like to be a part of this enduring legacy: 


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