Mailing address:
1102 Natural Sciences 2
University of California
Irvine, California, 92697-2025
Fax: (949) 824-8571

Office Location:
The UCI Department of Chemistry Office is located in 1120 Natural Sciences 2. Faculty offices and research laboratories are located in four buildings: Rowland Hall (RH), Frederick Reines Hall (FRH), Natural Sciences 1 (NS 1), and Natural Sciences 2 (NS 2). A map of the campus may be downloaded as a PDF here, and an interactive map is available here.

Administrative Staff:

Doug Tobias
Department Chair
(949) 824-6018

Cynthia Dennis
Chief Administrative Officer
(949) 824-6089

Laura Donaldson
Department and Seminar Coordinator
(949) 824-4097

Garrett Yoshitomi
Graduate Affairs Coordinator
(949) 824-3082

Kathryn Fritsch 
Personnel Analyst
(949) 824-4342

Tatum Power
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Morgan Sibley
Student Affairs Manager
(949) 824-4261

Haleema Sood 
Assistant Personnel Analyst 
(949) 824-3686

Stacie Tibbetts
Operations Manager
(949) 824-5485

Conrad Colindres
Financial and Business Analyst
(949) 824-4373