Chem 1A, Lec E

  • Chem 1A Lecture E (Course Codes 40080-40095) is restricted to a specific program under the School of Biological Sciences and will remain restricted. No authorization codes will be issued.

Chem 1LD

  • Due to the high demand this Fall, we are working to determine if we can remove the major restriction. If so, the date will be announced here. Please check the Schedule of Classes for additional details.

Chem M3LC

  • Seats for continuing students have been added to Chem M3LC. Please check the Schedule of Classes for details.

Chem M52LA

  • The Department is working to add addiitonal seats in the Chem M52LA lecture. Please email if you are unable to enroll and need the course. 

Chem 51A

Common webreg issues:

  • Add Chem 1LD before enrolling in Chem 51A. Chem 1LD is a co-requisite and needs to be added first. 
  • If you are enrolled in a Chem 51A pre-requisite(s) during UCI Summer Session it will take approximately 24hours for webreg to recognize you are enrolled in the pre-requisites. You will need to wait for the system to update before enrolling. 

Chem 101W

If you have a general question that is not answered above please see the Chemistry Undergraduate Program Office FAQ.