The Department of Chemistry will teach a combination of in-person and online classes for Fall 2021. Please see details below.

Undergraduate Courses

Winter 2023 enrollment updates


Chem 1B

  • Courses listed with an "X code" are reserved for a specific group of students and authorization codes will not be issued.

Chem 100S

  •  Chem 100S has one mandatory in-person training that will be held on Friday of week 1 (01/13/23), from 1PM-5:30PM. See for additional information. Please note, students should only enroll in Chem 100S if they are planning to take CHEM 107L during Winter 2023. Students who enroll in CHEM 100S without enrolling in CHEM 107L will be dropped.

Chem 107L 

  • Course code 40709 is restricted for students who have already completed chem 100S.