Chem 1B, Lec D

  • Lecture D (course code 40140) and discussion D7 (course code 40147) are open for enrollment by all eligible students. 
  • All other discussion sections/those with an X restriction are restricted to a specific program under the School of Biological Sciences, and will remain restricted. No authorization codes will be issued for the sections with an X restriction.

Chem 51LB

  • Currently Chem 51LB Friday at 8-11:50am has space. If you need to enroll in this lab, please email so that you may be manually authorized for a section of Chem 51B that does not conflict.
  • Authorization to enroll in course codes 40545 and 40561 will only be granted if enrolling in other open sections causes conflicts. Please email if you need an authorization code to enroll in one of these sections. 

Chem 107L

  • Chem 107L has a mandatory training session, taking place only in week 1. If both discussion sections' training sessions conflict with your course schedule, you will need to make arrangements with the instructor(s) of the conflicting course(s) in order to attend the Chem 107L training session. If you have a conflict in your schedule, please email (after you have enrolled in all of your other courses) to request manual authorization into Chem 107L. 

Chem 132B - Updated 12/5/18

  • Chem 132B is currently restricted to junior and senior Chemistry majors. 
  • Between 9am on 12/6-12/17, Chem 132B will be restricted to junior and senior Chemistry and Chemical Engineering majors. 
  • All major restrictions will be lifted on Thursday, December 20th, by 12:00 pm. 

Chem 152

  • Chem 152 is currently full. We are working to resolve this issue. If you are a graduating senior and need to get into Chem 152, please email

Chem 177 and Chem 177L

  • Chem 177 and Chem 177L are initially restricted to Chemistry majors. The major restriction will be lifted on Thursday, December 20th, by 12:00 pm. 


      If you have a general question that is not answered above please see the Chemistry Undergraduate Program Office FAQ.