The Prescher Lab

Expanding the imaging toolkit to spy on cellular communication

Our research team is crafting novel probes to "spy" on cells and decipher their communications in vivo. Cellular networks drive diverse aspects of human biology, ranging from immune function to memory formation. Breakdowns in these networks also underlie numerous pathologies. While cell-cell interactions play key roles in human health and disease, the mechanisms by which cells transact information in vivo are not completely understood. The number of cells types involved, the timing and location of their interactions, the molecular cues exchanged, and the long-term fates of the cells remain poorly characterized in most cases. We are designing and deploying custom tools to visualize cellular networks in real time—and with molecular precision—in physiologically relevant environments. Collectively, our work is decoding cellular communications relevant to infectious disease, cancer metastases, and immune function.

News and Events

March 2018

  • Sean was awarded travel grants from both the ACS Biol Division and the AGS Division at UCI for the upcoming ACS National Meeting. Congrats!
  • Dave was awarded the Genentech Graduate Student Award. He will be presenting his research at the Genentech Graduate Student Symposium in Chemical Research in May. Congratulations Dave!

February 2018

  • Drew Ferreira from the Beaudry lab at OSU joins us for his postdoctoral studies. Welcome to the lab!
  • Our latest work on the pyridone-luciferin scaffold was published in ChembioChem. Congrats Brendan, Krysten, and Dave (McCutcheon)!
  • Zi was awarded an ACS Biol Division travel grant to attend the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. Congratulations!

January 2018

  • Colin was selected to present his work at the Junior Scientist Workshop on Protein Engineering held on the Janelia Research Campus. Nicely done!
  • Jenn’s introductory course to chemical biology was featured in the Educational and Outreach Projects from the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative Undergraduate and Graduate Education. Check it out!
  • Undergrads Nima, Zane, and Paola were awarded UROP fellowships for 2018. Congratulations!
  • MCP rotation student Kevin Ng joins the lab. Welcome!