The Prescher Lab

Expanding the imaging toolkit to spy on cellular communication

Our research team is crafting novel probes to "spy" on cells and decipher their communications in vivo. Cellular networks drive diverse aspects of human biology, ranging from immune function to memory formation. Breakdowns in these networks also underlie numerous pathologies. While cell-cell interactions play key roles in human health and disease, the mechanisms by which cells transact information in vivo are not completely understood. The number of cells types involved, the timing and location of their interactions, the molecular cues exchanged, and the long-term fates of the cells remain poorly characterized in most cases. We are designing and deploying custom tools to visualize cellular networks in real time—and with molecular precision—in physiologically relevant environments. Collectively, our work is decoding cellular communications relevant to infectious disease, cancer metastases, and immune function.

News and Events

November 2019

  • Sean was awarded an Allergan Graduate Research Fellowship! Congrats!

October 2019

  • Our methodology for synthesizing butenolides from cyclopropenones was accepted into Organic Letters! Keep up the good work, team bioorthogonal!
  • Undergraduate researchers Jenny Hoang, Landon Taylor, and Jonathan Tchan join the lab. Welcome!
  • Our latest review on bioluminescence imaging was accepted to Accounts of Chemical Research. Congrats Sierra!

August 2019

  • Our work on developing compatible bioorthogonal reactions using 1,2,4-triazines was published at Chemical Science. Congrats team bioorthogonal!

June 2019

  • Undergrad Elena was awarded an Allergan Summer Research Fellowship. Way to go!
  • Zi was awarded an outstanding poster award at the inaugural GALA of Chemical Biology. Congrats!
  • Undergraduate researcher Clare Hwang joins the lab. Welcome!
  • Undergrads Elena and Sabrina were both awarded SURP fellowships to support their summer research! Keep up the stellar work!
  • Sean was awarded an outstanding poster award at the Bioorganic GRC! Congratulations!

May 2019

April 2019

  • Zane was awarded an NSF GRFP honorable mention! Congrats!

March 2019

  • Drew and Carly will be presenting their research at ACS Orlando. Swing by to hear about cool science!
  • Sierra and Tyler won big at the 2019 UC Chemical Symposium! Sierra was awarded best chemical biology poster, and Tyler was awarded best chemical biology presentation. Congrats!
  • Undergraduate Steve Phan joins the lab. Welcome!

February 2019

  • Professor Amanda Murphy from Western Washington University joins the lab for her sabbatical. Welcome!

January 2019

  • Undergrads Sabrina, Nima, Danica, and Buvan are starting the new year strong. Each were awarded UROP Fellowships for their research projects!