2016 News

December 2016

  • We had a great time at the 2016 Prescher Lab Holiday party! Happy Holidays!
  • The link for our latest paper on brominated luciferins in Chem Bio Chem is up! Take a look!
  • The lab hosted some demos for local middle schoolers in the LEAPS program. Elephant toothpaste!
  • The Quanta article (below) was also published by WIRED!!
  • Krysten won 1st prize at the UCI Immunology Fair! Congrats, Krysten!
  • Sierra, Lance, and Tyler officially joined the lab! Welcome! Bios on the group page!
  • Jenn was interviewed for an article in Quanta Magazine. Check it out!

November 2016

  • Check out our spiffy new research video that we made for Jenn’s Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

October 2016

  • Our paper on brominated luciferins was published Chem Bio Chem! Link coming soon.
  • Dave’s “First Reaction” on some recent Tetrazine work by Oneto et al. was published in ACS Central Science!

September 2016

August 2016

  • Joanna will be teaching at Chapman University, Saddleback College and Orange Coast College this fall!
  • Jenn, Zi, and Dave demo’d some chemistry for the Los Angeles Rams!! They’re famous!
  • The lab went on a group trip to Carlsbad! Pics coming!
  • Joanna successfully defended her thesis! Congrats Dr. Laird!

July 2016

  • Jenn won a Distinguished Faculty Award from the Academic Senate at UCI!
  • Christine was selected for a UROP fellowship for the upcoming school year!

June 2016

  • Christine was selected for UROP summer funding and an Allergan Fellowship!
  • Graduation was last weekend! New Pics!
  • Will finally got to witness a live firefly in Minnesota! Yay!
  • Krysten won the Howard A. Schneiderman Fellowship Award for the School of Biological Sciences! Congrats!
  • Kevin and Marian are graduating with honors! Congratulations! Kevin also won the Pfizer Undergrad Award in Organic Chemistry!
  • The best beer for the best professor: It’s official, Jenn is tenured!
  • We had a great time at the 2016 Edward K. C. Lee Lecture and Dinner last night. A few pictures here!

May 2016

  • Amanda took a job at The Shoulders of Giants, a non-profit in Dallas! Congrats Amanda!
  • Will was selected to attend the AbVie Scholars Symposium 2016 in Chicago this July. Congrats!

April 2016

  • Monique, Kevin, and Marian presented posters at CSU-Long Beach for the Southern California Undergraduate Research Conference (SCURC).
  • Colin won the Judge’s Award in his session for the 2016 AGS Symposium!
  • Dave won an NSF Fellowship! Congratulations, Dave!
  • Zi and Sean won NSF GRFP Honorable Mentions! Congratulations!
  • Aaron is headed back to his professorial duties at Claremont Colleges. It was great to have you in the lab, Aaron!

March 2016

  • Big thanks to everyone that stopped by to see us at ACS! We had an awesome time.
  • Colin did a great job presenting his work at Vertex Day.
  • Will, Colin, Dave, and Brendan will be presenting our work at the ACS meeting in San Diego! Come see us!
  • Jenn is giving at least two (!) talks at ACS this year! Check them out here.
  • Aaron Leconte, our visiting scholar from Claremont McKenna College will also be presenting work from his lab. Check out his talk here.
  • Alumnus Amanda Dark was offered a job at Peloton Therapeutics, a new biotech startup out of UT-SW! Congrats Amanda!

February 2016

  • Will and Brendan are awarded ACS travel grants for the National Meeting in San Diego. Way to go!

January 2016

  • Prof. Aaron Leconte (Claremont Colleges) joins the lab as a visiting scholar. Welcome!
  • Dr. Zach Reinert (U Pitt) joins the lab as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome!
  • Undergraduate research student Christine Hua joins the group. Welcome!
  • Our paper on the design and synthesis of an alkynyl luciferin is published. Check it out!
  • Jenn receives a Thieme Chemistry Journal Award for 2016.
  • Jenn is selected as a 2016 Rising Star by the ACS Women in Chemistry Committee.