2020 News

December 2020

  • Sean successfully defends his thesis. He has accepted a position at Beyond Meat. Congratulations Dr. Nguyen!

September 2020

  • Carly was selected as a UCI School of Physical Sciences Data Science Fellow. Congrats!
  • Alicia was selected to receive a fellowship from the Hewitt Foundation. Congratulations!
  • Sean was the recipient of the 2020 Harold W. Moore award. Congrats!

August 2020

  • Our work on developing a crosslinking strategy featuring cyclopropenones was published at Chemical Communications. Congratulations team bioorthogonal!
  • Our latest review on advances in bioluminescence technology was published at Cell Chemical Biology. Congrats Anna!
  • Our work on developing pi-extended luciferins was published in JACS. Congrats Zi (and alumni Rachel and Brendan)!

July 2020

  • Our latest review on bioorthogonal probes was accepted to Nature Reviews Chemistry. Congrats Sean!
  • Drew starts his position as a lecturer at UCI. Congrats!

May 2020

  • Elena accepted a position in the Skowronska-Krawczyk lab at UCI. She will be venturing into some lipidomics work. Congrats!

April 2020

  • Mariana was named an NSF GRFP fellow! Congratulations!

March 2020

  • Dr. Alicia Mangubat-Medina (Rice University) joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!

February 2020

  • Graduate students Zach, Kat, and Sharon joined the lab. Welcome!

January 2020

  • Undergraduate Meghan Dyck joins the lab. Welcome to the team!
  • Undergrads Sabrina, Buvan, Elena, Clare, Landon, Jonathan, Steve, and Jenny were all awarded UROP Fellowships for their research projects! Keep crushing it guys!