2021 News

August 2021

  • Congrats to Carly! She was selected to present at the next Graduate Research Symposium, sponsored by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry.

July 2021

  • Our collaborative work on longitudinal imaging of infection has been posted on BioRxiv. Congrats!
  • Our report on developing coumarin luciferins is now published in Chem Sci. Congrats Zi and Anna!
  • Undergraduate researchers Justin Kwon and Suha Tanaz join the lab. Welcome!

June 2021

  • Sierra defends her thesis! She will be starting her independent career as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the Claremont Colleges. Congrats Prof. Dr. Williams, we will miss you!
  • Zi defends his thesis! He will be conducting his postdoctoral studies in Jim Wells’ lab at UC San Francisco. Congratulations Dr. Yao!
  • Our latest preprint on multicomponent bioluminescence imaging via phasor imaging has been posted in BioRxiv. Congrats everyone!
  • Our work on characterizing naphthylamino luciferins for multicomponent imaging was published in ChemBioChem. Congrats Carly!
  • Our latest work on developing a caged small molecule for control of gene expression is now online in ChemBioChem. Congratulations Anna and Sabrina!
  • Our review on bioorthogonal reactions with triarylphosphines was published in Chemical Reviews. Congrats Tyler and Robby!

May 2021

  • Our latest work on developing coumarin luciferins for multicomponent imaging is online at ChemRxiv. Congratulations everyone!
  • Our transcriptome analysis of a metastatic breast cancer model has been posted on BioRxiv. Congrats!
  • Zi was awarded the 2021 Edward K. C. Lee award, the highest honor awarded to a graduate student in the chemistry department at UCI. Congratulations!
  • Sierra was awarded the Graduate Award for Departmental Mentorship Award and the Jacqueline Smitrovich Prize. Congrats Sierra!
  • Anna and Anastasia were selected for a Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship! Congrats!

April 2021

March 2021

  • Undergraduate researcher Landon Taylor has accepted Boston College’s offer of admission to graduate school! Congrats Landon!
  • Undergraduate alumna Elena Helm will be attending graduate school at NYU. Congratulations!
  • Lila Halbers officially joins the lab! Welcome!
  • Our report of a rapid, multicomponent imaging platform was published in ACS Chemical Biology. Congrats!
  • Kat won an NSF GRFP honorable mention! Congrats, Kat!

February 2021

  • Our work on developing disubstituted luciferins as orthogonal imaging tools was published in Biochemistry. Congrats Sierra!
  • Zi was awarded a Dissertation Fellowship. Congratulations!

January 2021

  • Pharm Sci rotation student Lila Halbers joins the lab for the winter quarter. Welcome!
  • Our latest collaborative work was published in Cell. Congrats!
  • Jenn was selected as a Paul Allen Distinguished Investigator. Congrats!