2019 News

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

  • Our methodology for synthesizing butenolides from cyclopropenones was accepted into Organic Letters! Keep up the good work, team bioorthogonal!
  • Undergraduate researchers Jenny Hoang, Landon Taylor, and Jonathan Tchan join the lab. Welcome!
  • Our latest review on bioluminescence imaging was accepted to Accounts of Chemical Research. Congrats Sierra!

August 2019

  • Our work on developing compatible bioorthogonal reactions using 1,2,4-triazines was published at Chemical Science. Congrats team bioorthogonal!

June 2019

  • Undergrad Elena was awarded an Allergan Summer Research Fellowship. Way to go!
  • Zi was awarded an outstanding poster award at the inaugural GALA of Chemical Biology. Congrats!
  • Undergraduate researcher Clare Hwang joins the lab. Welcome!
  • Undergrads Elena and Sabrina were both awarded SURP fellowships to support their summer research! Keep up the stellar work!
  • Sean was awarded an outstanding poster award at the Bioorganic GRC! Congratulations!

May 2019

April 2019

  • Zane was awarded an NSF GRFP honorable mention! Congrats!

March 2019

  • Drew and Carly will be presenting their research at ACS Orlando. Swing by to hear about cool science!
  • Sierra and Tyler won big at the 2019 UC Chemical Symposium! Sierra was awarded best chemical biology poster, and Tyler was awarded best chemical biology presentation. Congrats!
  • Undergraduate Steve Phan joins the lab. Welcome!

February 2019

  • Professor Amanda Murphy from Western Washington University joins the lab for her sabbatical. Welcome!

January 2019

  • Undergrads Sabrina, Nima, Danica, and Buvan are starting the new year strong. Each were awarded UROP Fellowships for their research projects!