Visualizing breaking bonds
The Craig Murray group is exploring unconventional mechanisms in the photochemistry of small molecules using state-of-the-art velocity-map-imaging methods.
Around the world with a gas can
The Blake lab uses chromatography to simultaneously quantify more than a hundred volatile compounds in air samples collected from all over the world. Many of these samples are collected in airplane flights over specific areas, such as Beijing or the Arctic. UCI is a world-leader in atmospheric chemistry.
Raman microscopy
Potma group members align a sophisticated Raman microscopy capable of chemically-selective imaging of biological tissues and whole organisms. The Potma lab uses non-linear optical spectroscopy and microscopy to image lipids and cholesterol in tissues and cells.
Unboiling an egg
Greg Weiss and his lab members, in collaboration with their Australian collaborators, figured out a way to refold proteins after they unfold in heat treatment and were awarded the 2015 Chemistry Ig Nobel Prize for "un-boling an egg."

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