2022 News

December 2022

  • Happy holidays! We celebrated with a fun holiday group dinner.
  • Congrats to Tanvi and Jules! They both were selected to receive UROP funding for their research projects!
  • Jenn attended the Nobel festivities in Stockholm, Sweden to celebrate and honor Carolyn’s Nobel Prize! Check out these awesome photos.
  • Robby’s perspective piece on bioorthogonal phosphines is now out in print. Check it out in the Israel Journal of Chemistry.
  • Congrats to Kat! She was selected for a medical writing internship at Gilead.

November 2022

  • Our paper on multiplexed bioluminescence imaging with a substrate unmixing platform is now published in Cell Chemical Biology. Congrats to lab alumni Carly, Zi, Anastasia, and Colin!
  • Our collaborative paper on longitudinal monitoring of individual infection progression in Drosophila melanogaster with the Wunderlich lab can now be viewed in iScience. Congrats to lab alumna Anna!
  • Congrats to Lila and our collaborators in the Lupták and Steward labs! Their symposium proposal on dynamic RNA imaging was accepted for presentation at this spring’s upcoming International Conference on Learning and Memory.

October 2022

  • Robby’s perspective piece on bioorthogonal phosphines was accepted at Israel Journal of Chemistry as part of a themed issue in honor of Carolyn Bertozzi’s Wolf prize. Congrats Robby!
  • Our collaborative paper with the Wang lab on macromolecular assembly of bioluminescent protein nanoparticles for enhanced imaging can now be viewed in Materials Today Bio! Congrats to lab alumni Carly and Anastasia!
  • A special congrats to Carolyn Bertozzi on being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry! Fun fact: Jenn researched under Carolyn while getting her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley. A picture she helped collect as a graduate student was used in the live announcement. Long live bioorthogonal chemistry!

September 2022

  • Congrats to lab alumni Carly, Zi, Anastasia, Colin, and Buvan! Their paper on multi-component imaging was accepted at Cell Chemical Biology.
  • Kevin defended his thesis! He will be working at the start-up company NovaGlia. Congratulations Dr. Ng!
  • Jenn was selected for the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award by ACS! A huge congrats and thank you to all lab members (both past and present) for all of your contributions to the group’s efforts!
  • Congrats to Kevin! His manuscript on LOTIIS was accepted at Bioconjugate Chemistry.
  • The lab went on a whale watching trip! Check out the photos.

August 2022

  • Congrats to Justin on winning a poster award at the virtual SoCal Undergraduate Research Symposium!

July 2022

  • Congrats to lab alum Drew Ferreira on accepting a position with the chemistry team at Exelixis in Bay Area!
  • Happy 12th birthday to the lab!

June 2022

  • Our work with the Lupták and Steward Lab on developing a method for bioluminescent RNA tracking that circumvents issues associated with fluorescent probes can now be viewed on BioRxiv. Congrats Kevin and Lila!
  • Congrats to Suha! She was awarded summer research funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program here at UCI!
  • Our work with the Digman Lab on combining bioluminescent probes and spectral phasor analysis overcoming long-standing challenges associated with bioluminescence detection is now published in Nature Methods. Congrats Carly, Zi, Lorenzo, and Kevin!

May 2022

  • Congrats to lab alum Sean Nguyen! He accepted a new position in the US FDA’s field lab.
  • Congratulations to Suha! She was selected for an Allergan summer research fellowship.
  • Carly defended her thesis! She will be conducting her postdoctoral work at Pfizer in Groton, Connecticut. Congratulations Dr. Brennan!
  • Congratulations to Lila! She was selected for the Protein Society Annual Symposium travel award.

April 2022

  • Congratulations to Justin! He was selected as the 2022-2023 Beckman Scholar at UCI!
  • Our work on fluorogenic CpOs for real-time imaging is now published in JACS. Congrats Tyler, Robby, Drew and Anna!
  • Congratulations to Robby! He won a best poster prize at the Chemical Biology and Physiology conference at OHSU.

March 2022

  • Lab alum Sierra Williams was selected as a “30 Under 30” Research and Technology Innovators awardee from Temple University. Congrats Sierra!
  • Lila was selected as a Vertex Fellow from PharmSci! Congrats!
  • Hearty congrats to Jenn and Kevin! Their proposal was selected for a Beall Innovation Award!
  • Graduate student Julia Balsamo officially joins the lab! Welcome!

February 2022

  • Congratulations to Mariana! She was selected for an ACS Bridge travel award and a UCI AGS travel award.
  • Congratulations to Alicia! She accepted a Research Scientist position with AltPep in Seattle.
  • Congrats to undergraduate alum Steve Phan! He selected UCI for medical school this Fall.

January 2022

  • Yeonseong (Catherine) Seo, Erin Fuller, and Tanya Hadjian officially join the lab! Welcome!